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This release introduces enhancements and a correction.


Release Information

ProductSnow Automation Platform
New version3.8.1
Release DateNovember 26, 2019
DistributionSUS and MSI Setup
Current StatusReleased



  • When adding a new Activity in Automation Platform, parameters will not be visible on Checkout, My Tasks or My Requests by default. Each parameter will also have an appropriate default inputdirective configured depending on its type.

  • AP will now show an “unauthorized” page when navigating to a page that you do not have the correct role for.

  • The start page and sidebar can now use custom JavaScript and selected PowerShell webservices to dynamically display information.

  • Automation Platform uses e-mail to send notifications from the system e.g. when there are tasks to handle, errors occur etc. It is now possible to configure from what port the SMTP client will use to send the mail to the relay server, and if SSL should be enabled while doing it.

  • A new setting MailRelayServiceAccount has been added. Enter the UPN of a service account with rights to send an email if you are using an external SMTP-server.

  • New PowerShell functions have been created to provide a set of features which can be used to create customer-specific tasks and logic. It's now possible to create and manage tasks from activities using PowerShell scripts. This is part of a gradual move away from using Snow.SnowAutomationPlatform.Task.exe, "task.exe", which still remain functional after this update.

    • Added 4 new cmdlets in igapcore to manage tasks, e.g. to create a new task.
    • Added 3 new cmdlets in igapcore to manage running workflows, e.g. to suspend a workflow.
    • Added 2 new cmdlets in igapcore to make it easier to send email notifications from AP.
  • Parameter visibility on My Tasks page has changed slightly. Now, parameters in the activity handling the task (using either PowerShell script or task.exe) that are marked as visible on the My tasks page will be rendered on that page. Before, only parameters from the activity following the task in the workflow would be rendered on that page.


  • Users will no longer experience errors when rendering Inventory Services configured with long Inventory Keys.
This release introduces a feature, an enhancement and corrections.


Release Information

ProductSnow Automation Platform
New version3.8.0
Release DateOctober 22, 2019
DistributionSUS and MSI Setup
Current StatusReleased



Task monitor page

A new page has been created to give administrators a complete overview of incomplete tasks within Automation Platform. Tasks can be filtered or sorted by Request Id, Requesting user, Due date, Activity/Service names, Request creation/ modification dates or by Task owners.

The Task monitor page is accessed by the Administer menu.

The actions administrators can be made on this page:

  • Monitor outstanding tasks.
  • Modify task owners (adding and remove) for individual or multiple tasks.
  • Go-to the details of the task and view/ complete the information regarding the task RequestID. This page (Task details) shows the same information as My Task page.
  • Correlate RequestID and Activity name ID in Request monitor for easier troubleshooting.
  • Export required information as CSV.

Areas affected:

  • Request monitor: RequestActivityID is now displayed next to the request activity name.


  • In a move to improve authentication for the platform, the team has begun preparations to support login using Azure ID. Administrators/users shouldn't experience any changes to functionality, usability or performance.

Modifications have been made in the following areas:

  • URLs now default without a # but will continue to work with one.
  • Re-running activities in Request monitor.
  • Adding references to AD attributes from Service Admin.
  • Rendering and using categories on Start Page.
  • Managing settings in Settings admin.
  • Rendering tasks on My Task page.


  • Scheduled tasks are now running in the correct order when having multiple run times set.
  • Adding subcategories in Category Admin should no longer cause any errors.
  • Activities no longer show the wrong displayname within the Process overview on the My Task page. These activities are also no longer visible when Exclude from Process overview is set to true.

The survey is now closed. Thanks to all the participants!



Hi SnowGlobe!

Our R&D department would like to hear from all the Snow Automation Platform administrator users, so we've a new Survey available.


To access it please leave a comment below or send me an email. 
I will send you the survey link as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.

Be sure to use your work email address, as the survey is open only to Snow Automation Platform administrators.


The survey data is very useful for us and we'll share the results of the analysis directly here on SnowGlobe.


Thanks very much!


Ester Memoli

on behalf of R&D - UX/UI team

Released June 19, 2019

Release information 

Product:                          Snow Automation Platform (AP)
New version:                  3.7.3
Distribution:                   MSI and Snow Update Service (SUS)
Current status:               Released


  • Workflows are now executed by the Workflow Engine talking to the API instead of directly to the database. This is the first step of a process in redesigning the Workflow Engine. No change in functionality will be experienced.

  • All documentation relating to Snow Automation Platform is now found within the product. This includes user and administrator guides, information for automation books, advanced topics such as re-branding, input directives etc. and a glossary of terms. Context sensitive information is still accessed through the Learn more link on each administrator page, while advanced topics are accessed through the menu link found under the burger icon. The documentation is written in Markdown (.md). Administrators now have control over company branding and customization of the documentation. The documentation is now easily translatable and individualized custom help can be added to the documentation space.






  • The issue where the visibility of the parameters configured in a newly created Service from a template service would not be set correctly, has been fixed.

  • Complete descriptions of Services are now visible when the Gallery view is selected in the Service Catalog.

  • The misaligned looking glass icon for the autocomplete input directive on the My tasks page is now corrected.

  •  When configuring the dropdown input field in Service/Workflow/Activity admin, the option to source from a static value list can now be deselected as intended.

  • It is now possible to translate each workflow step shown in the Process overview on the My tasks page.

  • Leaving Object Properties empty for a Powershell WebService used on activity level now resolves as intended.

  • Scheduled tasks will now import error free from one installation of Automation Platform to another.

  • When enabling the setting Show raw parameters tag, the WP tags are now shown separated by a colon instead of a semi-colon.

The Snow Automation Platform team are using the collaborative power of GitHub to provide an easy way for administrators to access, configure, and improve the modules, workflows and scripts for some of the integrations that have been developed. 

But what is GitHub, and why is Snow’s Automation Platform team using it?


GitHub is an open-source development platform and community with almost 30 million registered users. It is the largest  collaborative work-space. GitHub is both a version-controlled repository for management and control of any type of project as well as a community for developers to share ideas and code. Let’s break it down further:


Git: is a command-line tool, (text-based commands entered in a terminal window) that enables users to securely control changes made to a file – ensuring that content is never lost or overwritten. The GitHub version of git includes a web-based graphical interface to the repository, making it accessible to a wide range of users, and applicable for many different types of projects – not just code. 

Hub: is the collaborative effort of the community – reviewing and sharing ideas about improvements that could be made to code or a project. Think of it as a social network where members can follow each other, rate each other’s work, receive updates, join discussions on projects they are involved with, and communicate with like-minded people.


Pretty cool right?

Getting Started with GitHub

Here’s a quick overview of the collaboration process and some jargon to get you started.

Branches (or forks) – to contribute to a project, you branch or make a copy of a repository, making your modifications and improvements without affecting the original code.

Pull request – once you’re done with your modifications, create a pull request so that the original developers can recognize and approve your suggestions. If they like what they see, the authors will accept it as part of the original project.

Merge – to include your ideas, the original owner will pull them into the project by merging your modification with the original repository.


So why is Snow Automation Platform team using this open-source, collaboration platform for the on-going development of modules and what does this mean for you?

Björn Sundling, Automation Platform’s PowerShell script developer, explains:


So, you want to get involved? Great!

To access and tailor functionality of the modules that have been developed to suit your needs in your installation of Snow’s Automation Platform- signing up for a free GitHub account is all it takes. Once you are there you can:
(no coding skills necessary)

  • Reach out, modify and collaborate on any projects. Is there an issue that you need help solving? Chances are another user may be facing the same.
  • Report an issue, track its progress, and collaborate on the best solutions either with the Snow Automation Platform development team or GitHub community collaborators.
  • Make, discuss and share your opinions for change requests. We can’t promise to address them all, but its great to have the ideas flowing.  
  • Let us know if you find that a step is missing in the documentation for a module, or clarification is needed.
  • If you are a beginner, dabbler or guru PowerShell developer- you can do as little or as much as you can…or want to.
  • You can write functionality tests if you are a writer of Pester code. This will help to continually improve the modules that are available, and make sure everything works as designed.


Get started by finding us at:


- AP Team - 

Dear Snow community,

Some of the Automation Platform sections have been updated with new content.


  1. Documentation (AP Documentation)

Here you will find the latest preparation, install, and user guides for both administrators and end-users. Technical descriptions, Invoking workflow documentation for 3rd party systems have also been added. 

You will also find the documentation for the Automation books including both import instructions as well as content. The Automation books include e.g.:

  • SAM Automation for Snow License Manager
  • Mobile Automation for Snow Device Manager
  • Microsoft Office 365 Automation
  • Cloud IaaS Automation for Azure
  • Cloud IaaS Automation for Amazon Webservices
  • Cloud IaaS Automation for Google Compute Engine
  • Virtualization Automation for VMWare Vsphere

  1. Videos (AP Videos)

In addition to the end-user videos visualizing the user experience for requesting services in Automation Platform, we've also added administrative videos that walk through the different views and high-level configuration possibilities.

  1. Questions (AP Questions)

The questions area is growing each day. We are always trying to ensure you get as quick and detailed answers to your questions as possible. Here you might find inspiration as to what other customers and partners are doing, connect with people that have similar roles or get answers to your existing questions.


Let us know if you need anything!


Best regards,