Official release of Snow Automation Platform 3.1

Blog Post created by Dennis.Smith Employee on Jan 4, 2017

It's my pleasure to announce the official release of Snow Automation Platform 3.1:
Released December 15
Release information


Product: Snow Automation Platform (AP)
New version: 3.1
Release date: December 15, 2016
Distribution: Snow Update Service
Current status: Released


New features in Snow Automation Platform, version 3.1:

Mobile enabled GUI. Views FOR MY TASKS.


Business users can now manage the tasks assigned to them using the mobile interface. Users can:
- List all unmanaged assigned tasks, manage them through the mobile interface, and view all the
relevant information to take an informed task decision.
- List all managed tasks, providing the capability to review previously managed tasks.
- View the details of the service(s) that are connected to the task.


- The time to complete PowerShell web services that gather and pre-populate information for,
Checkout view and My tasks, for example, has been reduced. The PowerShell web service calls
have been updated with mutex, which enables calls to be carried out in parallel instead of
running them sequentially.


The security of Automation Platform has been tightened through the addition of:
- Protection against XSRF attacks, and
- Improved protection for SQL injections using PowerShell


Corrections in AP 3.1
Related TFS defect ID within parentheses.
- Text overflow error that arose in some views of the mobile interface on Android devices no
longer occurs (12336).
- In the category view, the mobile interface no longer cuts text from view when running on low
resolution devices (12337).
- Attempting to run a specific activity on a service account (other than the default workflow
service account) no longer causes the process for the activity to die (10502).
- Error messages no longer reveal stack traces. (10824)



Snow Automation Platform 3.1 Release Notes