• How to use Array content in a PSObject as drop down values

    Hi @ll,   Probably the solution is again very simple, nevertheless the problem presents me with a challenge. Based of some code from oskar.frolin2 and the PSObject part from the AP PSWS"Get compliance info", I ...
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  • Microsoft Power BI Data - How can we bring this into SLM?

    Hello,   How is the Microsoft Power BI information pulled into SLM? Is this brought in via Snow AP?   Would it be possible to have a guide or document on how this is set up please?   Thank you in ad...
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  • steps for integrating SNOW with SCCM or using SNOW with Automation Platform to uninstall and install

    Hi,   steps for integrating SNOW with SCCM or using SNOW with Automation Platform to uninstall and install, please guide me
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  • Userfriendly process for software approval

    Hi. I am trying to create a process for software approval. My goal is to make it as user friendly as possible. The steps should be: 1. The user apply a request for software 2. The application owner receives a ...
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  • Attach file in activity

    Dear, we nedd to create a call opening workflow, which contains some fields that will de passed to another third party service REST. Question: Is it possible to attach files to activity? If yes, could you please exem...
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  • Automation Platform- Installing software and Reinstall software

    How many ways we are going to install the software through Automation platform, and how it's going to be work, could you please help me out.
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  • Automation Platform for Software Approval

    Hello,   I was wondering if someone here is using Automation Platform to manage the requests for Software Approval. In our organization we use SharePoint and manual "workflows" to manage the process since&#...
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  • Automation Platform Activities table

    Hi All,    I've been looking into moving some of our workflows from one server to another.  I have been seeing some odd behavior on the Workflow Activities table.   When I have created new Activi...
  • Extend field values when content comes via PS Webservice

    Hi @all,   I'm using a Powershell web service that gets the following information from a data source based on the computer name: email address, email subject, other content. At the moment the email subject is :...
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  • AP 3.7.1 Release Notes

    Hi all, I have just updated my test environment to AP version 3.7.1 but it appears to me that there are no release notes available. In fact, there is not even an announcement. Could you please provide the informat...
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  • ServiceNow Request Number

    We have Powershell that creates a ticket in ServiceNow after the Request is submitted in AP. I added some logging to write both the AP order id and the ServiceNow Request Number. I have created a Powershell Web Servic...
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  • Hide condition-based form field

    Dear, Is it possible to hide one parameter from another?   Example: Computer 1: Active / Inactive Field 1: Implement   If computer 1 is inactive, field 1 should not be displayed. Computer 1: Inactive...
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  • Passing default value from input as parameter into PW WS returns no value

    Hi @ll,   I've build a easy PS WS to do some calculations, but I'm unable to pass the default value from "Input 1" into my PS WS as parameter. The WS recognizes the input as empty string. Details below.   ...
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  • Checkout: Update fields when a specific field has changed

    Hi @ll,   I have another question about AP, PowerShell web services and field contents. As in the last post, it's about a PowerShell Web service that provides appropriate information to the AP based on the comp...
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  • Duplicate activity items after workflow import

    Hi @ll,   While working with customer systems but also in our test system, I noticed again and again that the import of a workflow almost always creates duplicates of existing activities. I have not yet fully un...
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  • Change AP_Administrators group without web ui

    Hello, everybody,   I have the following problem with a customers Snow AP. This is a new installation Every user in the AD - group AP_Administrators has no access to the Snow AP and only a grey website appears (...
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  • Automating Task Between ServiceNow and SNOW

    Is it possible to have a open task in ServiceNow call to SNOW to archive a device? Once the device is archived can SNOW call back to ServiceNow to close the the corresponding task?   (i.e) Requester submits Serv...
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  • one approval for multiple check-out items

    Hi,   For a project one employee has to order software for 10 colleagues. In principle Snow AP has no problem with this, as the colleague can enter all necessary information for each checkout item (approver, tar...
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  • Trouble send emails to AD Group as Owners_Primary

    Hello everybody,   I'm a little at a loss right now. In a customer environment I implemented a workflow which has an AD group as "Owners_Primary". I know that this function is supported by AP and I have already ...
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  • Error on Activity Admin

    Receiving the following error within Snow Automation Platform on certain pages such as the Activity Admin: Internal Server Error. The 'ObjectContent`1' type failed to serialize the response body for content type 'appl...
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