• Official release of Snow Automation Platform 3.7.5

    This release introduces enhancement and corrections.   Release Information  Product Snow Automation Platform New version 3.7.5 Release Date September 19, 2019 Distribution SUS and MSI Setup Current Status Re...
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  • Office365 automated license change

    Hi Everyone   We have a customer today who would like to automate the optimisation of Office365 licenses. I know that it's possible to automate the installation and installation of the office software dependant ...
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  • Offical Release of Snow Automation Platform 3.7.4

    This release introduces corrections only.   Release Information  Product Snow Automation Platform New version 3.7.4 Release Date July 3, 2019 Distribution SUS and MSI Setup Current Status Released &#...
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  • How to create an input field under value population?

    Hi All, I am looking for support regarding Automation Platform. Is it possible to create a custom input field under value population where I can put some additional value for that parameter? -Akash Saxena
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  • VPN Debugging

    So, we are having problems with the way target computer is picked up on vpn.  We would like to see some debugging on the powershell and snow webservice so we can determine what is being passed where in order to r...
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  • API with write accesses

    Hello everybody,   we need an API that can also write to SNOW. Unfortunately we are thinking about introducing an ITSM tool which also includes an AP. However, the standard API of SNOW is read-only. In this wa...
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  • Attach file in activity

    Dear, we nedd to create a call opening workflow, which contains some fields that will de passed to another third party service REST. Question: Is it possible to attach files to activity? If yes, could you please exem...
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  • Hide condition-based form field

    Dear, Is it possible to hide one parameter from another?   Example: Computer 1: Active / Inactive Field 1: Implement   If computer 1 is inactive, field 1 should not be displayed. Computer 1: Inactive...
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  • AP installation location

    Hello!   We are planning to implement SLM and AP for our customer (1,000 – 5,000 UNITS). Is it possible to use the same server for SLM and AP and the same SQL server for databases? Server 1 Server2 Snow L...
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  • Delegation Rights

    Hi all,   Does anyone know what the Delegation Rights checkbox is for on the Owners tab of the Service Admin screen in the Automation Platform?   I have performed several searches of the Admin guide for AP...
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  • List populated from Powershell Webservice

    Is it possible to have a list box or multi line textbox populated from a Powershell Webservice. I'm trying to display a list of software on a old computer before we have the service transfer software to a new computer...
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  • ServiceNow Request Number

    We have Powershell that creates a ticket in ServiceNow after the Request is submitted in AP. I added some logging to write both the AP order id and the ServiceNow Request Number. I have created a Powershell Web Servic...
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  • Requesting computer name not populating automatically

    When a user requests software the requesting computer name isn't automatically populated when viewed in checkout. This works when I am on the Automation Platform server and request software. I have the resource parame...
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  • Memory Leak

    We are experiencing a memory leak that eats up 12 gig of Ram in 30 minutes. This has been going on for 3 days and are system is widely unusable. We were processing 600 requests a day before the issue started. Second l...
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  • Inventory Services – What do you have?

    What? For end users Automation Platform is a service portal, self service enabler and much more depending on the Services you create in your AP. But did you know that AP can inform your end users of what they already...
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  • Inventory Services - passing parameters

    Hi oskar.frolin2,   thanks for your detailed posting about Inventory Services. I was able to setup a service to show the user all devices where his user account is set as "ManageyBy" and I've added a workflow to...
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  • Best practice building workflows

    If you have lots of parameters referencing each other where some is visible on the checkout and some are not, building new workflows can easily become a cumbersome. Over time I (and other Snow consultants) worked out ...
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  • Approver Task Primary Owner assigned to a user in another domain?

    Hello,   We have a very convoluted environment where we have multiple active directory trees and users can have Login ID's in both. The scenario that has come up is a user in the domain where AP (lets call it th...
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  • Automatically getting the users’ manager from AD

    In its default implementation, a Software Request with organisation approval will ask the requester (user) for their manager. This is a live lookup in AD as they type and designed as an example use...
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  • Best practice: eMail communication & group mailbox

    Hi,   We have already implemented several workflows with the help of the SAM Automationbook. Usually, however, only a few employees were contacted via e-mail.   A customer has the requirement that the indi...
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