• Change AP_Administrators group without web ui

    Hello, everybody,   I have the following problem with a customers Snow AP. This is a new installation Every user in the AD - group AP_Administrators has no access to the Snow AP and only a grey website appears (...
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  • Invoking Workflow fro ServiceNow

    How can we Invoke Workflow of AP from tools like ServiceNow etc. which doesn't support NTLM authentication? As of now, whenever I try to call "API/Session/Tokens", it always gives the error Invalid username/password c...
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  • Condition-based Required fields

    Dears, good morning. Would it be possible to enable and / or disable the "Required" of one or some specific fields in the form, based on a condition?
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  • Input directive for showing and hiding parameters based on user selection

    The ability to configure parameters and how they should be presented in Snow Automation Platform (AP) is determined by the available input directives in the platform. For example, a string can be presented as a text b...
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  • Official Release of Snow Automation Platform 3.8.2

    Release informationSnow  Automation Platform New version:  3.8.2 Release date: February 4, 2020 Distribution Snow Update Service and msi package       Technical documentation Updated or new...
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  • PowerShell Web Services Object properties

    How to reference properties in the returned objects from a PowerShell web service with Object properties  There is a fairly new function in AP enabling you to write more powerful PowerShell WebServices (PSWS). I...
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  • Reharvesting Software

    Hi, we currently don't have AP and I have seen several demos at Snow and read up on what it can do. One issue we always face with re-harvesting software is that each country has to be treated as a separate entity. W...
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  • Azure authentication issues

    Did you as me get surprised when all Azure Powershell integrations created for my Automation Platform started lightning up error messages about authentication or unverified certificates?   We had the poor timing...
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  • Add/removing MS Project 365 licences with SA Platform

    I want to use License Manager to control the number active users for MS Project Pro for Office 365.   Licensmanager and Snow Automation will make it possible to automatically remove det none active users. However...
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  • Configuration of Parameters for Workflow

    New Systems Admin Questions that I'm struggling with.   I am having some problems with Parameters and parsing them to Activities. (and I'm relatively new - so it's likely just me, but I can't find the info in th...
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  • License Fields in AP

    We have a demo instance of AP & it has different fields for different applications:   MS Office 2013 PowerPoint application shows the different installations, licenses and compliance per organization details ...
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  • Requesting Computer Name

    Hello.   I have a rather complicated issue and question but everyone was so helpful with my last question I'm hopeful. My companies Active Directory tree is sort of a mess some of it caused by design and other b...
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  • Checkout: Update fields when a specific field has changed

    Hi @ll,   I have another question about AP, PowerShell web services and field contents. As in the last post, it's about a PowerShell Web service that provides appropriate information to the AP based on the comp...
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  • SCCM - Add Device Collection with RuleQuery

    We recently had a problem in the collection population with RuleDirect, which is that to install or reinstall a new operating system, the computer needs to be removed from SCCM. The impact of this on the implementat...
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  • AP: Re-harvesting Learnings

    During a recent customer re-harvesting project a number of Q&A learnings have been captured,  which maybe of use to the wider Snow AP community.  Please note that each Q&A is applicable to SLM Vn.8.3...
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  • API with write accesses

    Hello everybody,   we need an API that can also write to SNOW. Unfortunately we are thinking about introducing an ITSM tool which also includes an AP. However, the standard API of SNOW is read-only. In this wa...
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  • steps for integrating SNOW with SCCM or using SNOW with Automation Platform to uninstall and install

    Hi,   steps for integrating SNOW with SCCM or using SNOW with Automation Platform to uninstall and install, please guide me
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  • Quick wins with automation - Order Form Template

    Starting point A common mistake  with your first automation of a process is that you list all the processes you have an issue with, that are very complex, and often fails. For example starting out with something ...
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  • System requirement for Automation Platform

    Hi Guys,   I have query related to system requirements, as we have more than 100000 end users and as per system requirement document available there mentioned for 1000+ users.   Is 1000+ users system requi...
  • Official Release Automation Platform 3.8.1

    This release introduces enhancements and a correction.   Release InformationProduct Snow Automation Platform New version 3.8.1 Release Date November 26, 2019 Distribution SUS and MSI Setup Current Status Released...
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