How are you ensuring 100% Inventory?

Blog Post created by christopher.savvides2 Employee on Sep 5, 2018

Successful SAM starts with Inventory

There are a number of steps to a successful SAM program and the first key, important step begins with discovery; an exhaustive list of all of your computer assets.

Once you have this Discovery list, you can now start on targeted deployment with an Inventory Solution. You should then start to see your Discovered Computers list reduce as the number of your Inventoried Computers increase.

Your key companion here is the 'Computers that are not inventoried' report in Snow License Manager.


Never Ending Inventory

Newly deployed computers, whether physical or virtual, come and go on a daily basis in most organisations. Best practice is to configure your 'Gold Builds', 'Templates' or automated deployment tools to ensure anything new automatically receives a Snow Inventory agent or is covered by an Inventory Solution that's used together with Snow (SCCM, Altriris, etc).

In reality, there will always be inventory gaps for a variety of reasons; deployments that have bypassed processes, whether that be business or technical ones. This creates a challenge meaning that Inventory status rarely reaches 100%, or even close.

Inventory deployment should be a continual BAU process that needs constant assessment to determine the coverage of your IT Inventory. The perfect way to do this? A Snowboard of Course!



Multiple Discovery Tools? Multiple Reports?

It is not uncommon that different teams will use different tools for Discovery. Snow Discovery is one solution used by one team producing a report that could look slightly different to another report. 

Different teams that are not directly using and benefiting from Snow License Manager data could be having a much harder time to obtain and interpret Discovery Data; Extracting data in multiple formats, creating various SQL queries, PowerShell, etc, then merging data with VLOOKUP’s and other comparison methods, this is a very time-consuming task that leads to one team reporting one thing whilst other teams are see something different.

The Answer? Multiple Discovery Tools, ONE Report

Wouldn’t it be great if all this data from multiple discovery sources from different teams could be merged automatically, providing one complete comprehensive report that all parties could use with data fed from their own respective trusted sources?

There's an answer for this very challenge, by this using the Snow Integration Manager.

You may or may not have noticed the 'Import Discovery from file':


This allows discovery data to brought in to the 'Computers that are not inventoried' report.

It's easy to configure and only requires a minimal number of datasets, as seen below:



This solution will consolidate all your discovery data, regardless of the source or tools used, ensuring a commonality in reporting within cross functional teams to ensure you have the best data to act in with your Never Ending Inventory process.

And remember, if those teams do not have access to Snow License Manager, you can always set an automated schedule for the report to automatically appear in the inbox to where it's most needed!

For further information, look for SIC_UserGuide_DiscoveryDataFromFile.pdf on the Knowledge Base.