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Since SnowGlobe was born, many Snow employees (and not only!) have created content in form of Blog Posts, Discussions and Documents. Some of these posts went a bit lost in the flood of interesting threads and often we got the request to collect them somewhere.


I've started this huge search last week, but it has not ended! I'm still digging into our Community pages, to find the best posts we shared during these months. In this main page I'll collect only the ones created by Snow Employees, but feel free to add in a comment all these posts you find interesting to share with the community, even the ones done by yourself! No shyness allowed 


At the bottom of this list you can find the authors of the content below, in rigorous alphabetical order.



Welcome to Snow – Where to start and things to know



How to: SnowGlobe, the community of Snow Software

Developing Ideas

There’s no idea like a Snow idea



Snow Globe vs Snow Support: what's the difference

Snow Support: the portal, the service and useful tips

Knowledge Base Articles (KBA): new subscription page

Hand In Hand With Snow Support

Bringing more relevant information to your fingertips: Updated Support Portal

Better, Faster, Personalized: Snow Announces the New Face of Support

Staying up-to-date with known issues




How To Find Log Files

How to stay 'Up to Date' with Snow Software

HowTo modify Snow logfile location to different location

Basic Tipps for a stable Snow Environment

Microsoft SQL Server management in SLM : best practices

Windows Application Virtualization

Snow pre-requisites: Microsoft SQL Server – which edition is required?

Different ways to integrate with 3rd party tools / ITSM / Help desk

Different ways to integrate with ITSM / Helpdesk

Improving and Monitoring SQL Performance - Where To Start

Installing Snow Software Platform Core



Snow Inventory Agent Update

How to perform an Inventory Concept

How To Perform A Manual Scan

How to find version information

Using earlier Snow Inventory agents to scan older operating systems

How to use the new feature “Snow Dynamic Inventory” - Part One

Snow Active Directory Discovery

Snow Agent Monitoring

SNOW agent vs SCCM Agent for SAM data gathering

How are you ensuring 100% Inventory?

Getting the Most Out of Snow Inventory Discovery

How to: Using Snow Inventory Agent to collect registry values

HowTo Inventory Server Multiple Endpoints



How to prepare for the SLM9 upgrade

Best practices when enabling Snow Cloud Application Metering

Microsoft License Statement (MLS) import & tailoring : best practices

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) management in SLM : best practices

Office365 news facts

Digital Contract Management System in SLM : best approach

Microsoft Windows Server management in SLM : best practices

Snow License Manager Coverage For Windows Desktop Virtualization

Snow License Manager Coverage For  Windows Session Virtualization

How Snow metering of windows application usage works.

Windows Server licensing

Compliance exclusions

Enhanced search

Report enhancements in Snow License Manager 9.2

Windows 10 Version Number reporting in Snow License Manager

How to use 'License Assignment Import' - Part 1

Blacklisted applications - What to Blacklist?

Cloud Control: Snow Web App Metering – Old Vs New

Workaround: Sharing Snowboards

How to: Using collected registry values to create SLM report

New report: Files per computer

How To Manage Compliance Exclusions in Snow License Manager 9.0.1

Bulk Computer Archiving In Snow License Manager

HowTo - create custom field dropdown list 

Microsoft Visual Studio Subscriptions Overview

Windows Server compliance changes, SLM 9.2.X

How to identify the need of Microsoft RDS User CAL based on actual usage

How do I get my IBM License Entitlement?

Control the "Nearing End of Life / End of Support" Report Criterias

Design and Planning of the organisational structure in Snow License Manager

Adding an Oracle order

Application Cost vs License Cost

New report: Files per computer


Snow Integration Manager

Snow WEB API user restrictions

How SLM 8.3 calculates coverage and compliance for Microsoft Office 365 applications

Add and remove Office-365 subscriptions directly in Snow License Manager 8.3

Office-365 user activity view updated

How to use the Office 365 user activity view for subscription harvesting and optimization

Understanding the Office 365 user activity view

What is user linking for Office-365 and how to manually link users in SLM

Faster compliance calculations with SLM 8.2.2


Snow for ServiceNow

Snow for ServiceNow – Technical Installation Overview

ServiceNow Connector 3.1 High-Level Q&A


Automation Platform

Best practice building workflows

PowerShell Web Services Object properties

Automate a process with the Automation Platform (AP)

The power of going Open Source

What AP has been up to lately on SnowGlobe

Inventory Services – What do you have?

Quick wins with automation - Order Form Template

Input directive for showing and hiding parameters based on user selection


Software Recognition Service (SRS) and Data Intelligence Service (DIS)

How to collect data and submit a new SRS request

How To Add Software To The Software Recognition Service

DIS: Zoom meetings

DIS: Microsoft o365 connector - subscriptions

DIS: Microsoft Office 2016 / 2019 / 365

Different Methods Of Providing Data For Snow Recognition

Snow Update Service: The importance of maintaining Snow Update Service recognition updates


Device Manager

HowTo lock or wipe an Android device

Snow Device Manager – Scenarios

Installation of an Android APK file

Water-falling policies on mobile devices

What does device ownership allow you to do on Android devices?

Split Server SDM Install VS Single Server SDM setup

Supervising an iOS Device



Introducing the Cloud Rules Creator



Guten Tag, bonjour, konnichiwa! International user guides for SLM 9 web interface are here

Snow Integration Manager: all the Connectors user guides

Useful information about Snow License Manager 9.x

Agents v.6 User Guides

[Documentation] Snow system requirements

Linux and Mac Snow Agent Quick Install Guide



SAM Is Growing Up

Life as a Software Asset Manager is still not easy

Data, Apples and Pears

The Alphabet of SAM

The Alphabet of SAM  Part 2.

The Alphabet of SAM  Part 3. (O – Z)

Where does SAM belong in your organization?

GDPR impact on SAM

SAM is more than Compliance

What is SAM all about?

What wonderful complex, clever creatures we are!

Once upon a time in a land called SAM

Why it’s crucial for businesses to know what’s running on the network.

Are There Any Positive Aspects To A Software Vendor Audit?

Are you looking at the complete picture?

Is cross charging it worth the effort?

When is a SAM solution more than just a compliance tool?

Life of a Software Asset Manager is not easy



Security considerations, information and guides

Snow Inventory 5 – How Secure Is My Data?

...when final users have admin privileges...

GDPR assessment documentation in SLM

With Visibility Comes Security



The Data Update Job (SLM 9) will not run after manual termination

Why does Google Chrome show so many Run’s?

Troubleshooting a Snow Inventory 5 agent

UNIX Agent Troubleshooting – Real World Case Study



Reconciliation - The 6 steps of software asset management

Normalization - The 6 steps of software asset management

Inventory - The 6 steps of software asset management

Discovery - The 6 steps of software asset management

DINROS - The 6 steps of software asset management



Snow Academy: Snow for Cloud Learning Package For Free!

Snow Software Training: available courses and how to request access

Webinars: Customer Success, Customer Journey, Analytics and much more




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