Webinars: Customer Success, Customer Journey, Analytics and much more

Blog Post created by ester.memoli Employee on Jul 24, 2019

Hi SnowGlobe!


For those interested in Customer Success and Customer Journey, we have a dedicated series of webinars available for our community users.


In 2018 our UK team did 7 webinars that have been recorded and can now be accessed on demand.

We strongly recommend watching them all, but you could anyway choose the ones you prefer. It's also a nice chance to virtually meet some of our Customer Success Managers (CSM), like harri.carroll, Vess, jens.iwarso and carel.gouws, and of course other Snow Software employees from other teams.


Episode 1: Customer Success Webinar Series

Meet Carel, Harri and Simon from our Customer Success team as they answer frequently asked questions, share their top tips for customer success and talk you through the series to come.


Episode 2: How do I realize value from my investment in Snow?

In this mini episode, Customer Success Manager, Harri Carroll, will introduce Julia from Snow’s Business Consultant team, who will talk about assessing your SAM Health to ensure Snow customers realize the full potential of their use of and investment in Snow software.


Episode 3: Automation – Joiners, Movers, Leavers

Simon from our Customer Success team will introduce us to David Hitchen, the Global Automation Specialist at Snow Software, working with customers to ensure the success and value of our technology. He focuses on service life-cycle and automation to enable companies to move from Basic IT (cost centre) to Dynamic IT (business enabler).


Episode 4: How to get the most from Snow Support

Carel, Director of Customer Success will introduce us to James and Tom who will talk us through the support portal and Knowledgebase. This webinar provides a guide on how to get the most from Snow Software Support. It provides an overview of our services and response times, as well as tips on finding answers quickly via our Support Portal and extensive online support content.


Episode 5: How the ITAM Maturity Curve is Changing

Simon Vessey from the UKIMEA Customer Success team is your host with Victoria Barber, Director of Product Strategy, as they discuss the future of ITAM. The ITAM Maturity curve has changed over time and the focus is moving from licence compliance to business intelligence and decision support. Join Simon and Victoria as they discuss people, process and technology.


Episode 6: Cloud Discovery – Who is really paying for your SaaS applications?

In this episode of the series, Simon Vessey, UKIMEA Customer Success Manager, meets with Mark Lillywhite, UK Pre-Sales for a whistle stop re-cap of the popular SnowStorm London breakout session where we explored the most common causes for concern and how Snow's solutions can help to address questions such as Who has access? What's the uptime SLA? Where is the data actually stored? and What are the subscription terms?


Episode 7: Analytics – Diving into the Data

In this 20 minute webinar, Simon Vessey, UKIMEA Customer Success Manager, is joined by Leigh Martin, Director of Analytics at Snow. Simon focuses on ‘Diving into the Data’; a replay of Leigh’s popular SnowStorm breakout session in London and Manchester earlier this year. Leigh will introduce you to and expertly guide you through the Snow Analytics solution and the growth of the Snow Data Intelligence Service.


We also suggest to watch these 2 additional webinars, about Automation and Licensing:


Bonus Webinar: Automation – Software Re-Harvesting & Cloud Provisioning

We journey to Sweden with Mark Potts from the UKIMEA Pre-Sales team in this special bonus webinar. Mark joins Jens Iwarson, Customer Success Manager for the North East Europe region, as he introduces us to David Svee, Snow’s global Automation product specialist. Together, they explore why automation software re-harvesting is a source of great savings. They discuss how it really works with demonstrations, what savings it can bring and Mark shares his real-world experience in how to achieve control and transparency.


How To Upload Your License Entitlement & Reap The Benefits

Snow’s team of licensing consultants will explore how to carry out simple validation checks and share their experience and specialist expertise in license management for Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and Adobe product suites.