Snow Globe vs Snow Support: what's the difference

Blog Post created by ester.memoli Employee on Aug 22, 2019

We are Snow Software and have plenty of things named after the lovely white and soft snow, of course.

One of these things is our Community: Snow Globe.
Unfortunately sometimes Snow Globe (or how we like to call it internally "the Globe") is confused with Snow Support Portal, not only for the name, but also for the purpose, so I think it would be good to remark the differences and how to use these tools to get the most from them.


Find below the most common questions about where to post and the right place to choose:


- I have a problem with a Snow Product and I get an error message. Who can help me to troubleshoot and solve it?

The Support Team, please reach them here: Snow Support Portal 


- I would like to discuss a challenge I have in my Snow infrastructure with some SAM peers that use Snow products.

Feel free to post in Snow community forums: Snow Globe (Snow product hub direct link)


- My Snow infrastructure or one of its parts just stopped working, what could I try to do to solve it? 

If there's a major outage, please contact immediately our Support Team: by phone (see contacts here)or by Snow Support Portal 

If there's a minor issue you'd like to discuss first with other Snow peers, it's fine to post a question in our community, as many of our users and Advocates are very skilled! Snow Globe (Snow product hub direct link)


- I have an issue with a Snow product and I know this can be fixed with a specific patch and/or script. Who can provide it?

Please contact Snow Support Team: Snow Support Portal 


- The community is a nice platform, but I don't know how to use it or feel comfortable to post as I'm new to Snow world. 

No worries, we offer plenty of user guides about the community use and netiquette. Also, the community users are a very variegated group, with juniors and seniors on SAM topics, so don't worry! There's no stupid question or silly answer. You're more than welcome here!

Some help here:

Welcome to Snow – Where to start and things to know 

How to: SnowGlobe, the community of Snow Software 


Are you still unsure if it's better to post here in SnowGlobe or open a case to our Support Team? Feel free to ask me/us leaving a comment below!