Snow Support: the portal, the service and useful tips

Blog Post created by ester.memoli Employee on Sep 4, 2019

Hi SnowGlobe,

In this post you will find all the necessary information to contact our Support team and get help to report and troubleshoot issues with our products.


How to access the Support Portal
You can reach our resources to troubleshoot technical issues and to provide deeper knowledge about our products through our Snow Support Portal. This Portal is also the best way to contact our 1st line team of engineers specialized on Snow products and access our Knowledge Base Article collection. The Support Portal is accessible from the community homepage, clicking on Resources > Snow Support Portal. Or directly here:


What is available in the Support Portal

In the landing page you will find 4 sections:

  • “Search the community”: type here your question or keywords. The search will work among all our content (Knowledge base, Community, Cases)
  • “Find your solution” brings you to the Knowledge Base page
  • “Ask the community” leads you back to SnowGlobe community
  • “Work with your cases” allows you to create a new case and also to read, update, close and search your archived and open cases.



Find your solution – The Knowledge Base (KB)

In the KB you can find more than 1000 articles (KBA) written by Snow engineers. We suggest you to subscribe to KBAs to always be up to date about a specific topic, as we constantly update them with new content and findings.

As your feedback is very relevant for us, at the bottom of each article you can add a comment, rate it or mark it as helpful/unhelpful.


To know more: Bringing more relevant information to your fingertips: Updated Support Portal


Ask the community – SnowGlobe

If you choose the second option “Ask the community” you’ll be redirected here in SnowGlobe.

SnowGlobe is friendly place to get answers on all things SAM, especially regarding Snow Software solutions and products. You will discover insights, learn best practices, and make connections with industry experts and other SAM users. SnowGlobe is open to everyone and anyone can join and participate. While most content is available in read-only mode without a login, you do need to register in order to leave comments, ask questions, or post blogs.


To know more: How to: SnowGlobe, the community of Snow Software


When in doubt between Support Portal and SnowGlobe…

Although the 2 portals seem similar, they are not, as the purpose is different. Recently I’ve written this short blogpost giving some examples about when it’s better to choose SnowGlobe and when Support: Snow Globe vs Snow Support: what's the difference 


Work with your cases

If you haven’t found a proper solution among our Knowledge Base Articles and the Community could not provide a resolution hint, it’s time to contact our Support Team.

When you click on “Work with your cases” you’ll reach the Cases page, where you’ll find:

  • Open a case – click here to create a new Case. Each case has an ID, some precompiled data and some fields that will have to be filled by you.
  • Your account’s cases – you can find here all the cases opened by you or your colleagues.
  • Closed cases – here’s the archive of the closed cases that you can of course keep browsing for any need.

When you click on “Open a case” a form is shown. Some fields are mandatory (marked with an asterisk) but we suggest to fill all the fields, as this will help the Support engineers to better understand the situation and your Snow environment.

You can also open a case on behalf of a peer of yours, simply writing their name into the Contact field.
In case more people should be kept informed during the whole case analysis and resolution, these people’s email addresses can be written into the “Add email to watch-list” field.

To evaluate the priority of a case, we have a matrix that crosses the Impact and Urgency values, so be sure to choose the right ones from the 2 drop-down lists.


Important: in case you are experiencing a major outage/failure of the Snow platform, please reach Support via telephone: click here to get the phone number list. This will grant a quicker report of the issue and a more precise categorization in terms of severity and priority.

To know more about the Severity matrix, we’ve added it in our Quick Reference Guide.

Once you’ve submitted the case, you (and the people in watch-list) will start receiving email notifications when the case is updated by an engineer.

To verify the progress of a case or update it with your comments, you can click on “Your account’s cases”.

Once a case is marked as resolved and then closed by you – or automatically by the system after 7 days in Resolved state – you might receive a survey. Please fill it, as it’s very important for us to know what you’ve liked about our service and where we may improve instead.


To know more: Hand In Hand With Snow Support 

If you are opening a case to ask about a new software definition to be added to our Software Recognition Service (SRS), it would be useful to read the following guides: How to collect data and submit a new SRS request and How To Add Software To The Software Recognition Service