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This update version SOS 2.1.0 includes few feature enhancements and corrections.

Release Information

ProductSnow Optimizer for SAP® Software
New version2.1.0
Release DateSeptember 5, 2018
DistributionSupport Portal
Current StatusReleased


New features in SOS 2.1

Indirect usage: Digital documents

Digital documents analysis— this report shows all digital document data existing on selected data sources or digital document data for a selected user.

New menu item: Cost allocation

Cost allocation operations include defining cost center hierarchies and cost allocation schemes. In addition, this version includes a report for executing cost allocation, as well as viewing the results of cost allocation.

New menu item: User master data maintenance

Provides the capability for solution users to define and apply user master data schemes.

Management dashboard

This dashboard is now integrated into SAP Solution Manager (version 7.2 and later).

Inventory data/Snow License Manager data integration

This version includes a new report called Client applications from external sources.

Active Directory

A report called Active Directory Info is now included in Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software 2.1.


Enhancements in SOS 2.1

Additional report in Indirect Usage | External Accesses 

The External access overview report shows an overview of system access from and to external systems by using an RFC or a HTTP connection.

Indirect Usage | Third-party Product Namespaces

This report shows additional information about used namespaces that are not installed.

Additional fields in User Master Data 

The field SNC Name has been added to the user master data fields of ABAP systems.

Additional reports in Administration | Job Overview

Shows all existing and planned jobs of Snow Optimizer reports and supports any necessary changes, and Data for Inventory data and Active Directory data.

Additional report in ABAP Data Administration | Statistic data availability check

Shows the availability of statistics data (transaction ST03N) on satellite systems.

BusinessObjects Administration 

Load LMBI measurement file shows LMBI Rights IDs, the RFC destination REST Webservice declaration is only required for changes and no longer for reading data, and BusinessObjects offline data reports can now be loaded and created offline.

Additional condition type in Local Rules

Self-implemented condition allows the implementation of a self-developed condition to use in rule sets. A self-developed condition can consider specific objects and meet customized requirements.

Additional rule type in Global Rules

Resolve combination allows a license type combination to be resolved to a single license type.

Settings: Enhanced customizing

ABAP data load, HR connector with HR data source assignments (moved from Administration), AD connector, and inventory data can be customized.

HANA connection for tenant databases, HANA database usage report

Tenant databases can be connected separately. The report shows the usage of HANA databases.

Baseline report: User Licenses

Drill-down functionality for direct access to user master data.

Change Documents

In addition to the change documents for business processes, Snow Optimizer now also reads the changes for user master data, user authorizations, and user profiles.

Processing of large Usage Profiles

The performance of processing large Usage Profiles has been improved. 


Migration Requirements

To use the new Digital Documents feature, additional authorizations are required on the satellite systems. These are delivered as authorization role /DYNAM/SATELLITE_DIGDOC_LOAD, which is included in the collective role /DYNAM/SATELLITE_ALL.

If the delivered authorization role /DYNAM/MASTER_ALL is not used on the master—but more restricted roles are used instead—then these roles may need to be adapted for using the new features.

Release Notes


Snow for Office 365

Product:                              Snow License Manager

New version:                      8.1 

Build no:                             #6331

Revision:                             #310

Release date:                     May 16,  2017

Distribution                       Setup package and SUS

Current status:                  Released to market


We are pleased to announce the availability of Snow for Office 365 as part of the Snow License Manager 8.1 release, on May 16th, 2017.



Snow for Office 365 extends Snow users’ view of the Microsoft estate to provide a single integrated view of all Microsoft Office users, usage and cost across on-premises, Office 365 and mobile platforms.

Snow for Office 365 directly addresses key pain points faced by organizations using the world’s most popular SaaS application, Microsoft Office 365. With an integrated view of on-premises, SaaS, and mobile usage, organizations can eliminate overspend by identifying unused and duplicate licenses. Component-level usage details empower organizations to select the most cost-efficient subscription level for each user in the enterprise, which considering an Office 365 list price range of $8/month to $35/month, can drive significant cost savings.

In addition to detailed, actionable intelligence, Snow for Office 365 provides automated approval-driven workflow technology to attack administrative costs which can equal as much of 93% of Office 365 licensing expense. Organizations can leverage automation to support self-service access request, redeploy unused licenses, shift users to lower cost plans based on usage and provision time-limited subscriptions of expensive services such as Project 365, Visio 365.

The full Snow for Office 365 offering comprises Snow License Manager, Snow Integration Connectors and Automation Platform. 




Snow for Office 365 is the first of a series of new ‘Cloud Connectors’ that will be introduced in the coming months into the Snow Integration Connector package.



Perpetual license Snow Integration Connector is sold separately. The prices for Snow Integration Connector license and annual maintenance will increase 20% effective August 31st, 2017. Please refer to the On Premise/EULA price sheet for details.



To reflect the significant value being introduced in the upcoming Cloud Connectors along with the additional value that has been available in the Software Recognition Service, Snow is aligning the prices of SPE, Software Recognition Service and client fees with a 15% increase of the annual cost. To help our partners prepare and recognize the full benefit of the Office 365 connector, we are pleased to announce this increase will not be introduced until August 31st 2017, giving you more than three months’ free use of the new connector!





Duplicate licenses.  “I need a consolidated view of installed (device-based) and SaaS users of Microsoft Office to ensure I haven’t bought duplicate licenses for the same person.”

Consolidated cloud and device-based reports:  Provides complete visibility into cloud and device-based users and usage of Office 365, enabling identification and remediation of duplicate licenses.

Unused licenses.  “I believe there are many licensed users not using O365 either because they don’t need it or because they left the organization.  I would like to reassign these licenses to other users and ensure I’m not wasting money.”

Detailed usage and entitlement analysis: Provides detailed usage reports at the individual user and cost center level, enabling identification and reassignment of unused licenses.

Expensive subscription levels.  “I know that many of my users don’t need all the applications to which they are currently entitled.   I need detailed usage information so that I can save money by downgrading their subscription.”

Component-level entitlement analysis.  Provides component-level usage details, enabling organizations to select the most cost-efficient subscription level for each user in the enterprise.

Manual processes.  “Despite being a SaaS application, I’ve found Office 365 still requires significant resources to manage.  I need automated processes to add new users, reassign licenses and select the correct subscription plan; manual processes are inaccurate and time consuming.”

Automated, approval-driven workflows

·       Self-service access request

·       Time-limited access to expensive services (Ex: Project 365, Visio 365 and PowerBI Pro)

·       Harvest and reassign licenses

·       Automatically shift users to lower cost plans based on usage information

·       Fully customizable to fit customer’s needs


For any questions regarding this exciting new release please contact your Account Manager.