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I wanted to share with you today some quick information on where you can see the latest release information of the current versions of Snow Software products, tools and utilities. This page provides information on officially released software.


Current state for top products as of 23-08-2017:

  • Snow License Manager 8 - 8.1.2
  • Snow License Manager 7 - 7.0.24
  • Snow Inventory 5 - 5.1.6
  • Snow Inventory 3 - 3.2.1 SP1
  • Snow Automation Platform - 3.3.1
  • Snow Integration Manager (SIM) - 5.4
  • Snow Device Manager - 5.5
  • Snow Optimizer for SAP - 2.0


You can use it to see any latest fixes to the software, updates and which is the latest version of each product. You can find the full list here:


I will be posting a series of Snow Software knowledge shares in the community in the coming weeks, I intend to post some information that I see customers and partners asking for the most here. If there is anything you wish to see from me, you have any questions, or suggestions please send me a message on the SnowGlobe.



Kennie Chamberlain

Technical Engineer

Snow Software