• Multiple Snow agent in same Environment

    What if i used multiple snow agents in same environment like for AIX i used 2 different snow agent versions( older version and the upgraded version) and same for the windows servers as well.#
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  • Data folder missing on client machine's

    We installed snow agent on windows 2003 servers , However Data folder is missing in those servers, Due to this Win2003 servers not reporting to master server. What needs to be done ?
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  • Documents: Technical Descriptions

    Hi SnowGlobe, as we've just released a Technical Description document about Office 365, I think it could be useful to have a small collection of the other documents we've already published during the last months. Th...
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  • How To Find Log Files

    For many support cases, logs will be needed to investigate certain behavior. This blog post will tell you, where to find logs of your components.   Please provide the designated logs, if requested. You can of co...
    Marcel Hirsch
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  • Compatibility Matrix for Snow products

    Hi SnowGlobers! I know that many of you asked for a compatibility matrix document and we've finally published it into our Knowledge Base! Log into the community portal with your company account and then cli...
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  • How are you ensuring 100% Inventory?

    Successful SAM starts with Inventory There are a number of steps to a successful SAM program and the first key, important step begins with discovery; an exhaustive list of all of your computer asse...
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  • Snow Software: the link collection

    [Updated: September 2019]   Since SnowGlobe was born, many Snow employees (and not only!) have created content in form of Blog Posts, Discussions and Documents. Some of these posts went a bit lost in the flood o...
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  • Unable to access API on SLM 8.3

    We use a custom port (444) could that cause an issue? I cannot see any trace of api in IIS or installation folders. As I understand it should come installed by default on <8.0 correct? 
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  • Webinars: Customer Success, Customer Journey, Analytics and much more

    Hi SnowGlobe!   For those interested in Customer Success and Customer Journey, we have a dedicated series of webinars available for our community users.   In 2018 our UK team did 7 webi...
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  • How to stay 'Up to Date' with Snow Software

    This blog post is all about installation sources and manual/automatic updates. Download installers, in case you want to perform a fresh installation. Configure your Snow Update Service to receive automatic product upd...
    Marcel Hirsch
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  • Direct Snow Contact

    Does anyone have a direct Snow contact. I am looking for a phone number not an email? I would like to have someone I can call and ask about simple questions that continue to pop up while we attempt to get Snow functio...
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  • Snow Oracle MiddleWare Scanner in SLM9.x only?

    Hi Snow! The Snow Oracle MW user guide 1.1.0 illustrates these requirements below. However, the release notes for the  MW scanner and SLM version 9.2 indicates you need to be on SLM9 to get Oracle Middleware col...
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  • Hand In Hand With Snow Support

    There comes the time, when you need support for your product. To save time, reduce questions and to speed up the whole support process, you as the initiator of a support case can do a lot.   Instead via emai...
    Marcel Hirsch
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  • Inventory from multiple sources

    How will Snow act when inventory is coming from multiple sources, and inventory from the same computer may come from two or more sources. Will one source be discarded, or will they be merged? Is one source prioritized...
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  • Snow Academy: Snow for Cloud Learning Package For Free!

    Snow Academy is an E-Learning Platform that provides our customers and partners with useful information regarding products and latest releases, as well as general licensing terms. Every customer and partner can login ...
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  • Extended Use vs Secondary use rights, difference?

    What is the difference between 'Extended Use Rights' and 'Secondary Use rights' in SLM?
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  • How to find version information

    After reading this blog post you will be able to tell, which versions your products are on. I will focus on both the "easy" and the "techy" way. Both ways may be good to know, if  - in a troubleshooting case - on...
    Marcel Hirsch
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  • Fix lists for automated updates

    HI as we shot in product updates automatically during the night (sample: SLM v8.3.02 on July 5th) it would be good to get informed about the fixes' content. We have several tickets open at support and we cannot veri...
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