• Status Change for Decommissioned servers

    Can we change state of Decommissioned servers to Inactive state Manually ?
    created by VaibhavSutar
  • SNOW Overview PPT?

    Hello, is there a SNOW overview PowerPoint presentation available?
    created by FergusonSNOW
  • Snow Agent for Linux Containers

    I've got a request from one of our Linux engineers: Are there already plans or even developments to scan linux containers?
    last modified by roger.jud1
  • Multiple Snow agent in same Environment

    What if i used multiple snow agents in same environment like for AIX i used 2 different snow agent versions( older version and the upgraded version) and same for the windows servers as well.#
    last modified by VaibhavSutar
  • Alert notification for customized Object

    Hi All,   Can anyone help me to know " how we can setup alert for customized Object (we do not relate the object to any of the agreement)".   More Information: We have one customized (have created ob...
    last modified by VaibhavSutar
  • Open Source application report

    How to get the open source application list which installed in office network ? Is there any report which we can create manually to get this data ?
    last modified by VaibhavSutar
  • SNOW Inventory & License Manager Config After moving database

    I have moved the SQL database. When I open the "Snow Management"  icon on the SNOW server via RDP and changed the connection settings within "Snow Inventory" & Snow "License Manager" This now work and the set...
    last modified by Chronicles
  • GLIBC_2.7 dependency?

    We are installing Snow Agent 6.1 in Centos 5 (CentOS release 5.5). When we try to run manually (or through the cron job) the snow agent, we receive the following error:   /opt/snow/snowagent: /lib64/libc.so.6: v...
    last modified by cvillabrille
  • Unable to start snow agent service on Agent machine

    What if we are unable to start snow agent services and getting below error on server.      
    last modified by VaibhavSutar
  • SLM Custom Fields contains special characters

    Hi,   Does anyone here have problem with Custom Fields that have special characters in its name?   The problem we have is the custom fields that we have contains Ø, Æ & Å in its name, n...
    created by VNMan
  • How does Snow count his own licenses?

    We are in the process of converting Windows7 pc's to Windows10. So now I have a lot of double computers in my system, eventually maxing out my licenses. However according to "inventoried computers per month" i'm at ar...
    last modified by LuukS
  • Snow scans for Licence Compliance

    Is snow scans Add/remove programs or C:program files folder to calculate software compliance ?   and what suppose if it scans C:program files and i have some .exe files in that path but i did not insta...
    created by VaibhavSutar
  • IBM Floating / Single User - Device License (setup)

    A Client buys Floating and Single User / Device License from IBM for ex.  How can we setup this correct in Snow?We have to setup the License with two different metrics.  Does anyone has the same problem or ...
    last modified by juliane.simon
  • User Quarantine managment issue 

    Hi Folks, Can any one help to make me understand user quarantine management- I have setup below user quarantine settings for one of my costumer   According to this setting user should be deleted which had al...
    last modified by Kaushal
  • Want to know the limit for Archiving data

    I am using SLM which is valid for 25,000 computers and i have big number of systems which i need to archive it,So for this License is there any limit for archive number as well  ?
    created by VaibhavSutar
  • Custom Fields: I cannot edit or add to my Custom Field list since moving to LM8.  Any suggestions most welcome :)

    #Administration, #Custom Fields In License Manager 7, we were able to generate custom fields, either text or drop down. These fields could be easily edited and adding new fields was an easy process. Since the move ...
    last modified by Creditsafers
  • Snowglobe searching... is it just me?

    The search function seems to be behaving strangely on the Snow Globe lately. Sometimes it brings up results but a lot of the time, anything searched comes up with 'No Content'. I can't see any filters on there but I c...
    last modified by SnowCat
  • End of life - Custom report using SQL query

    Hi all,   I am new to Snow License Manager and was wondering if somebody can help with a "End of Life Software" custom SQL query? I know there is a standard report for this however we wanted many more columns (a...
    last modified by upsclondon
  • Unable to access API on SLM 8.3

    We use a custom port (444) could that cause an issue? I cannot see any trace of api in IIS or installation folders. As I understand it should come installed by default on <8.0 correct? 
    last modified by joakim.bergquist
  • Snow API documentation

    Where can I find documentation about the API?
    last modified by alain.boulet