Pre-Release Announcement Snow Device Manager version 5.6.4

Blog Post created by Myrja.Schumacher Employee on Nov 7, 2018

Release information

Product:                            Snow Device Manager
New version:                     5.6.4
Release date:                    November 7 - Nordic SaaS
Release date:                    November 14 - On Premise
Distribution:                      Installation media


The following components are impacted by this release:

Manager – all users will be prompted to update this component to the latest version.

Snow Android app – will be updated to the latest version via Google Play. Manual download is required for users who opt out of Google Play updates or who download the app from elsewhere. This version of the Snow Android app supports Snow Device Manager versions 5.x and 6.x.

Cloud Extender – updated manually by Snow Software Services on request. This update is not a pre-requisite for Snow Device Manager 5.6.4 but should be carried out before April 2019 (see below for information from Google).

Server and Snow Mobility Manager:

  • On-premise: needs to be updated manually
  • SaaS: updated automatically 


Android client

On April 10, 2018, Google deprecated Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) in favor of Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM). Applications using GCM services need to be migrated to Firebase by April 2019, as Google will turn off most of its GCM-related services at that time. To ensure continued service, we have rebuilt messaging in Snow Device Manager to run on FCM services.

The Android client built for Snow Device Manager 6 is fully backward compatible and all instances of Snow Device Manger 5.x will need to be updated to version 5.6.4 by April 2019.

Due to FCM port and firewall configuration settings, before updating to Snow Device Manager 5.6.4, all on-premise customers need to ensure that:

  • Ports 5228, 5229, and 5230 are open for outbound traffic for device access from internal Wi-Fi.
  • Port 5235 is open for outbound traffic from Snow Device Manager frontend servers. 

    For more information about the required network configurations, refer to: FCM ports and your firewall



  • Timeout issues resulting in Volume Purchase Program (VPP) applications not displaying have been resolved so that they now display correctly.
  • SMS messages are now being sent when new devices are created via bulk enrollment from user objects.


  • Intermittent connection issues between the server and Samsung tablets running Android 7.0 have been resolved so that connection is now reliable, and tablets are receiving applications and settings through Snow Device Manager as expected.

Cloud Extender

  • Some minor exception handling improvements have been implemented.


Release Notes