Official Release of Snow Device Manager 6.3

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Released on March 28, 2019.

Release information

ProductSnow Device Manager
New Version6.3.0
Release dateMarch 28, 2019
Distribution; configuration of domain
Distribution SCEMSI
Current statusOfficially released

Updated technical documentation

Updated and new documentation for SDM 6.3:


Granular smart filters

 A smart filter enables packages containing policies or data settings to be deployed to devices based on one or more attributes, such as organizational node, geographic region, operating system, or user privileges/role. By providing support for the logical operator OR, this release of Snow Device Manager provides the capability to build more granular smart filters.

Roles and permissions management'

This feature enables domain admin users to set group permissions for users with the manager role. This feature enhances security as it prevents users with the manager role from viewing, deleting, or editing packages they have not created. 

Preconfigure application packages

When creating or editing application packages, it is now possible to preconfigure them. App developers often include capabilities to customize an app deployment with user data, restrictions, and other settings. Gmail, for example, can be configured with specific or wildcard-generated email addresses, which systems such as Snow Device Manager can populate from the Active Directory. Other settings related to security, such as the ability to enforce SSL on port numbers, can also be configured for Gmail. This enhancement is available when creating or editing application packages via the Add configuration button. The capability to preconfigure application packages enhances the user experience as it removes the need for users to input account data and settings – an app is ready-for-use as as soon as the user has downloaded it. In addition, this enhancement supports policy enforcement as it enables apps to be deployed with preconfigured settings for say security and data-protection.


  • To avoid service token errors in the setup of an Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) Service, the Upload service VPP button is only active once the service has been created and is greyed out otherwise.
  • Connection issues related to Snow Cloud extender have been fixed. The component no longer loses connection with the Active Directory, ensuring that users can log on to the system and enroll their devices.


Known Limitations

Snow Device Manager 6.3 is delivered on a Software-as-a-Service basis on Azure.


.NET Framework 4.7.2

The .NET Framework  has been upgraded to version 4.7.2  with the SDM 6.2 release. Please perform that upgrade before installation of the SCE.

Here is the link for download and installation