• different number of devices

    The snow inventory server contains more devices than the snow license manager. How can i delete them in the snow inventory server because i don't see them in the snow license manager. the devices occupy licenses i urg...
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  • Latest version of SDM

    Hi,   What is the latest version of SDM and if its newer than 5.6.4 how can I download installer?   Marcin
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  • SNOW Synchronization with the Active Directory

    Hi All,   I am working with SNOW and as I know SNOW Device Manager is taking the devices related to the network from the Active Directory. My question is: what is the periode that SNOW takes to update the devic...
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  • Issues with Snow Device Manager talking to Mobile device

    Hey all,   I was wondering if someone has had the same kind of issues that i've been having within our environment using Snow Device Manager, our devices are predominantly Samsung Androids and from what i can se...
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  • Can an Asset be Created?

    In an effort to capture end to end Lifecycle Status of our devices, am I able to create an asset within SNOW as they are ordered?  For example, I am ordering 100 laptops - I have the model and SN of each, I'd lik...
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  • Apps Store Enrollment

    Hello We are trying to enable the App store enrollment or at least update it on the V6 cloud-hosted version using the domain admin utility but where we are supposed to add a domain it looks like:  I have trie...
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  • Where can I download the latest RevivalEngine.xml and APK from?

    Hi,   Where can I download the latest RevivalEngine.xml and snow APK? I know that under https://m.snow.dm/dl/latest/snow.apk should be/is the latest APK, but I need the corresponding Revival...
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  • Is there a file upload size limit?

    I'm trying to upload a ~110Mb apk to our SDM "Files" but this fails. I can upload a ~50Mb apk just fine. I have checked the Server log in C:\log but there's no mention of the failure, I can see records of t...
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  • Required Fields for Device and User import?

    Can you tell me the required fields for device and user import?
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  • SDM: Administrators

    Afternoon All,   Was wondering if others have had an issue with creating Administrators for Snow Device Manager. The problem is that we have our AD attached and imported into Snow Device Manager now for me to be...
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  • Licenses assigned to specific users.....

    Hi, Sorry if this question has been asked elsewhere but I cant find it!   If a license is assigned to a specific user on Snow and that user ends up being quarantined and then deleted, will that license then free...
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  • Address syncing on iOS

    Hi,   In Exchange provisioning I can see this option: Allow recent addresses to be synced with marked Include this account in recent address syncing   I would like to deactivate this option but when I ...
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  • Error when deploying Wifi and certificates

    When I try to deploy my Wifi certificates and settings to an Android phone I get the following error: com.android.org.bouncycastle.asn1.DLSequence cannot be cast to com.android.org.bouncycastle.asn1.ASN1Integer (-1)...
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  • Best practice of updating Snow Agent's for Android

    I have now a couple of different versions of the Snow Agent installed on our Android mobile devices - 5.1, 5.4, 5.5.0, 5.5.2 .... Most of them where installed as a APK from our server so are not updated with Google P...
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  • What is the SDM 6 API URL?

    I'm struggling with where to find the SDM Web API URL for SDM 6 i have looked in knowledgebase articles and forums in both here and the SiM product group and cannot find any reference to it anywhere.   Please, c...
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  • Business Unit reporting

    Hi  I would like to know , it there somewhere on a Macintosh device I can say this Mac belongs to BU Branding and snow can report on that or does snow have its own business unit tracking?   thanks  E...
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  • Prevent saving from managed MS Word to OneDrive

    Hi,   Here's my situation: - iOS  - Mail App with company Exchange profile - Word installed as managed - OneDrive installed by user (not managed), user logged in Office365 (personal account)   I c...
    created by MartineZPL
  • Force iOS update with SDM

    Is it possible to force iOS update on supervised devices enrolled in SDM?
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  • Limit access to contacts on managed devices

    Hi,   I would like to prevent access to contacts associated with managed account (Exchange) from unmanaged e-mail account (iCloud) or unmanaged app (WhatsApp). Is it possible?   Marcin
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  • Upgrading Snow Device Manager

    What is the correct way to upgrade my Snow Device Manager from 5.3.x to version 5.4.x?
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