• Enrollment URL for Apple Configurator

    How to find enrollment URL for Apple Configurator? 
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  • SDM and SLM on the same server

    Hi!   We have a case with our customer regarding using SLM+SI6 and SDM on the same server (Windows Server 2016). However, the second server will be used for all databases.  SLM SI6 SDM SQL Server Server 1...
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  • current information in SDM from some IPhones not visible

    some of our IPhones won't show their current information ("Info last updated"), but they were seen from SDM ("Info last seen"). But only a few devices, all other work fine. What can I do to update the status of these ...
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  • Variables for connecting to WiFi

    Hi, Im wondering if there's any way to use variables in the username and password fields when creating a WiFi Policy. For example $username$ and $password$.   We have a customer that connects to their WiF...
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  • How can I deploy an own Android apk file with active EMM work profile?

    How can I deploy an own Android apk file with active EMM work Profile? I tried it different ways, but failed due to different reasons.
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  • Error when deploying Wifi and certificates

    When I try to deploy my Wifi certificates and settings to an Android phone I get the following error: com.android.org.bouncycastle.asn1.DLSequence cannot be cast to com.android.org.bouncycastle.asn1.ASN1Integer (-1)...
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  • Issues with Snow Device Manager talking to Mobile device

    Hey all,   I was wondering if someone has had the same kind of issues that i've been having within our environment using Snow Device Manager, our devices are predominantly Samsung Androids and from what i can se...
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  • How do you stop users removing the Snow Agent?

    Removing the Snow agent software on Android and the Snow profile on Apple is very easy, how is it possible to prevent users from removing it?   I can see on the iOS device "Snow" configuration profile that ...
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  • How can I preconfigure Email settings with Android EMM work profile?

    How can I preconfigure Email settings with Android EMM work Profile? If I configure the Mail App manually on my Android smartphone its working fine. But when I try it with “Exchange provisioning” via SDM ...
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  • Reset an iphone password if user has forgotten it

    Hi    Really hoping anyone can help with this one   We have numerous devices e.g. ipads and iphones under Snow Device Manager    we have had quite a few users forgetting their passwords to ...
  • Is there a way to create a customized registration PIN, or edit/change the system-generated registration PIN once I add a new device?

    I have users enrolling their devices manually, using the server/PIN method.  If I can dictate the PIN to them over the phone, or have them use their own (such as employee or location ID), it would be much easier ...
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  • Android App Removing Itself

    Hi All   We have a couple of Android phones where the Snow app will not launch. We download the APK file OK and install, and the Snow App icon appears on the phone desktop, however when we launch the app to sta...
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  • SDM: Administrators

    Afternoon All,   Was wondering if others have had an issue with creating Administrators for Snow Device Manager. The problem is that we have our AD attached and imported into Snow Device Manager now for me to be...
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  • Best practice of updating Snow Agent's for Android

    I have now a couple of different versions of the Snow Agent installed on our Android mobile devices - 5.1, 5.4, 5.5.0, 5.5.2 .... Most of them where installed as a APK from our server so are not updated with Google P...
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  • Whitelist Deployment Failing

    Hi All,   Just wanted some clarifications around the whitelisting function that can be used to restrict the applications within Snow Device Manager. The issue that i have had is that it works perfectly well and ...
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  • Devices aren't showing custom device name, is there a fix?

    All of our tablets have been renamed on the device itself to reflect an asset label assigned to each of them. Snow lists the device name as "Username_tablet model" instead of this custom name. Is this something easy t...
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  • Power Down

    Hi,   Can anyone answer the following question?   We are due to have a power down of all servers in one of our datacentres in a few weeks; The Snow server resides in this particular datacentre.   How...
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  • Copy a file and set wallpaper

    Hi All   I feel this is almost embarrassing for Snow SDM, that trying to perform probably the most basic device management task appears to not be straight forward.  I need to set the background wallpaper on...
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  • Documentation on how to integrate AD

    Hi    I need to set up Snow in out Estate and was wondering how to integrate Snow with AD.    Possibly a documentation on how its done would be beneficial.   Thank you. 
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  • SNOW Synchronization with the Active Directory

    Hi All,   I am working with SNOW and as I know SNOW Device Manager is taking the devices related to the network from the Active Directory. My question is: what is the periode that SNOW takes to update the devic...
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