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SAM & The Great Wall of China (via ITAM Review)

Blog Post created by Rory Canavan on Oct 26, 2017

Martin Thompson modelling the latest must-have fashion item


Don't let Martin Thompson's enthusiastic expression put you off - he is thrilled to be wearing a t-shirt with the SAM Charter logo on it (and also some company from Sweden you might have heard of).  Snow and SAM Charter are delighted to be sponsoring Martin with his target of raising money for Sebastian's Action Trust - a privately run hospice for children in the UK.  This ensemble forms part of his clothing for when he will be taking part on his sponsored walk of the Great Wall of China.  


If you would like to get behind this very worthy cause, then please check out the link below: 


Further opportunities to donate will be forthcoming at the ITAM Review Awards, due to take place in Maidenhead on Fri 10th November, where Jelle Wijndelts, Julia Collingburn, myself and 22 others(!) will be arm-wrestling for the ITAM Professional of the Year Award: