Rory Canavan

ISO 19770-1: 2017 - IT Asset Management Systems - Requirements

Blog Post created by Rory Canavan on Dec 13, 2017

For those who wish to make their Snow technology part of a Software Asset Management System, then ISO 19770-1 has recently been revised and re-published to help organisations achieve this.   NB:  System in this instance refers to the right blend of people, technology and processes.  The 2017 edition supersedes and replaces the 2012 version. 


The first difference to note is that -1 seeks to address ITAM requirements, not just software.  It also aligns itself very closely to ISO 55001 - the ISO Standard for generic Asset Management. Upon initial review, the Standard benefits greatly from being structured like other ISO Management Systems (e.g. 9001, 27001 or 14001) and also in divorcing itself from the Service Management Lifecycle. That's not to say that SAM can't support Service Management, but the lifecycle looks like it has been tailored for SAM/ITAM, as opposed to having been "borrowed" from ITIL.