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Blog Post created by Rory Canavan on Jan 8, 2018

Hi All,


I was recently talking with a prospective client and we were discussing the joys of trying to keep up with the projects and programmes office in respect of new software titles that they might bring to the IT estate.  The blind-siding that ITAM teams often experience here, is not a new story.  Neither too, are the problems that arise once programme installations become BAU (Business As Usual) IT assets.


Standard protocol would suggest that a software testing and packaging process is in place, ideally with a hand-in from the request process, so that if a new title is introduced into the business, a standard means of assessing its suitability can be made.


However, if a project or programme is working to a non-BAU agenda, then perhaps a cunning plan b might be to validate new titles at the Proof of Concept stage.  Clearly, this entails having the ear of the person who oversees projects or programmes, but once that is achieved then at least you stand a better chance of knowing what software will be introduced to your IT estate, when, and whether someone is being lined up to act as a go-to person for the ownership of that new software title come BAU.


As ever, there are no silver bullets in ITAM, but an ounce of lateral thought goes a long way in breaking down such problematic use-cases.