Office365 news facts

Blog Post created by Robert.stellinga Employee on Mar 13, 2018

Microsoft 365 F1

Microsoft has expanded its Microsoft 365 portfolio with the Firstline 1 (F1) offer. Office 365 F1 is designed to enable Firstline Workers to do their best work. Office 365 F1 provides easy-to-use tools and services to help these workers easily create, update, and manage schedules and tasks, communicate and work together, train and onboard, and quickly take in company news and announcements. The Office 365 K Plans are now replaced by Office 365 F (“Firstline Worker”) Plans. There is no other change to the service customers have access to per their current licensing agreements. Microsoft calls a first-line worker, who mainly works with customers, supported by a computer, tablet or other device. Examples of first-line workers are cashiers, receptionists and service engineers, whom - generally speaking - only need a shared computer at work and/or home computer for staying in touch with their employer and coworkers. This is where Microsoft positions Microsoft 365 F1.


Most important features of Microsoft 365 F1:

  1. It offers e-mail, intranet access, presence, instant messaging and other productivity tools. It also includes StaffHub, a resource-scheduling tool that allows managers to schedule first-line workers’ assignments
  2. Individuals who are licensed for Microsoft 365 F1 can share Windows PCs that are upgrade to Windows Enterprise E3, but lacks the following license rights; VDI access, reimaging rights, downgrade rights and Long Term Servicing Channel.
  3. Microsoft 365 F1 contains Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) F1.


Microsoft has announced the Common Area Phone Device Subscription License (DSL)

This is a license that combines two sets of capabilities:

  • Skype for Business Online Plan 2; which includes presence, instant messaging and conferencing
  • Phone System; this allows customers to replace their on-premises private telephone network with a cloud-based system.


The Common Area Phone Device Subscription License will be available in Microsoft Volume License Agreements like;  Enterprise Agreement, Enterprise Subscription Agreement, Cloud Solution Provider Agreement and Open License Agreement. This license may only be assigned to phones that are not assigned to specific users, such as conference rooms.