How to: Using Snow Inventory Agent to collect registry values

Blog Post created by jorge.pascua Employee on Mar 29, 2018

Dear community,
Today, I've woke up with the intention of create a HOW TO serie for partners and customers

The idea begin after this conversation:


JPP: Did you know you can configure the Snow Inventory Agent's default behavior to colect data from the registry?

Cutomer / partner: Oh wait, what??

JPP: Yes, you can... Let me show you how.


I'm going to start with a simple (but usefull) way to collect extra data from our computers: read from Windows registry.

Yep, I know that some of you already know this, but let´s show how to do it to the rest of the world

Registry data structure

In my example, the data in registry is structured as follows:

It could be a real scenario, where we are working with Master Images, and we need to identify how many computers have the latest one implemented and which ones have a pending migration.

  • Main registry path
  • Registry path with the desired data:
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CustomerCustomInfo\MasterImage

Configure the Snow Inventory Agent to gather registry values

Once we have created the registry paths, keys and values, we have to modify the snowaget.config file.

By default, this file is present under the %programfiles%\Snow Software\Inventory\Agent path:

Include the Registry section in the snowagent.config file:

 <Registry recursive="true">
      <Key recursive="true">HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CustomerCustomInfo\MasterImage</Key>

And then, execute a scan (snowagent.exe scan). when finished, a snowpack file will appear under data folder

The Snow Software employees have access to an internal tool that allow to inspect the content of that file, so let's check the collected registry keys data:

Great, here it is!

Now, execute a send command (snowagent.exe send). The Snow Agent will send the SnowPack file (computer inventory file) to the Snow Inventory server, where it'll be processed.

Check the results in Snow Inventory and SLM database

As soon as the SnowPack is processed, you'll be able to check the results on the Snow Inventory server. Open the SMACC, go to Devices and search for your computer:

Also, you can query the DataCustomRegKey table from the SnowInventory database:

As well as the tblComputerRegistry table from the SnowLicenseManager database:.

NOTE: To check the result on SLM db, you have to wait for the DUJ execution.


Voila!! The Snow Inventory Agent is sending custom registry info to Snow Inventory and Snow License Manager.


Next How To:  Create SLM Report to show collected registry values (in progress)


Hope this help. See you soon!