Adding an Oracle order

Blog Post created by alexander.cora2 Employee on Jun 8, 2018

You might have seen that yesterdays (07.06.2018) release of SLM 8 brings some changes to the GUI of Snow's Oracle Management Option (OMO). As you can see in the release notes "All features and capabilities related to Oracle products have now been consolidated under the Oracle overview page accessible from the Enterprise menu item. Navigation to Oracle functionality has been moved, but the features and capabilities remain unchanged".


From the release notes I will also copy the table where functionality has been moved to:


In the past version you could simply add an order from the Licenses menu. Now you need to find the hyperlink in the top right corner of the Orders tab of the Database Edition. I had some difficulties finding it, so I will share some screenshots:


Since getting to "Add Oracle order" takes more steps now, I would appreciate to see a shortcut item in the Snowboard for "Adding Oracle Orders". Maybe a shift from the Orders tab of the Database Edition to the consolidated Oracle overview page would make sense too.