Workaround: Sharing Snowboards

Blog Post created by jorge.pascua Employee on Jul 4, 2018

Hi comminuty,


This days have appeared new ideas in the Snow Ideas Board .


I've seen one that demand the functionality to share Snow boards in the same way we can do for Reports (see Sharing Snowboards)


I received this request from one customers, so I temporally applied the following workaroud:


Go to the SnowLicenseManager.dbo.tblSnowboard table and execute the following sentence:


FROM [SnowLicenseManager].[dbo].[tblSnowboard]

Where CID = <CustomerCID>



Document the original UserID assigned for the SnowBoard you want to share (in the example 1. This will required to restore the previos state if you need to modify the Snowboard again), and take the SnowboardD that identify you Snowboard from the result list, and execute the following sentence:


Update [SnowLicenseManager].[dbo].[tblSnowboard]
set UserID=0
Where SnowboardID ='6ED76EA3-7875-4238-963F-0E4F40096F30'


The UserID=0 means that the SnowBoard will be shown for all users.

NOTE: The known limitation after apply this workaround is that you'll need to assign the UserID to the previous UserID if you want to edit it again. 


Hope this help meanwhile.