How to use 'License Assignment Import' - Part 1

Blog Post created by mark.lillywhite Employee on Dec 31, 2018

This article will deal with how to use Snow reporting and License Assignment for Direct License Allocation. Datacenter allocation will be covered in Part 2. This method can be used to assign licenses to a large number of hosts - speeding up the initial allocations when implementing Snow. Its also a good housekeeping task to check regularly that new unlicensed servers arent appearing in the estate. 

First report on the unlicensed servers:

1. Run the ‘License tracking per Computer’ report. Filter on ‘Windows Server’
2. Add columns for ‘Datacenter Name’ as well as ‘Compliance’ and ‘License Requirement’.
3. Filter on ‘Coverage reason’ = None. Your report should look similar to the screenshot below.

4. Save this report and schedule if desired – recommend weekly.
Now prepare the import spreadsheet:
5. Now export this report to XLS – it’s the list of all unlicensed Windows Servers we will work with in the next steps.
6. Remove any servers you don’t want to cover at this time – e.g. other Physical hosts requiring DC licenses
7. Add a column for the ‘Allocation’
8. Add a column for ‘ExternalID’ – this needs to match the ‘ExternalID’ field in the information tab of the license you want to assign (Note ExternalID is normally blank unless you have added a value when you added the license)
You can also use the ‘License ID’ value, which is the unique ID Snow assigns to each license – both fields are visible in the column selector of the ‘List All Licenses’ view from the Licenses Tab

9. In the XLS add the correct number of processors or processor cores to the allocation field, to match the License Requirement field, and the License or External ID of the license where they are to be taken from.

Now import the allocation:
10. From the ‘Home’ menu select a ‘License Assignment Import’ – select the XLSX above

11. Map 'Assign to' – ComputerName and ‘Assigned Quantity’ -Alocation – ‘Type’ is only necessary if datacenter licenses to be allocated. LicenseID or ExternalID is automatically assigned if it matches.

Click next and the preview screen shows the allocations that will be assigned

12. Proceed if no errors and perform a ‘License Recalculation’ to see the results in Snow License Manager