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Change agent settings

Start a command prompt as admin (windows – type ‘cmd’ and then right click and select ‘run as administrator’)

To change settings:

  1. Type notepad
  2. Open the following file – C:\Program Files\Snow Software\Inventory\Agent\snowagent.config
  3. Edit the entry e.g. ‘<Address> so it reads:
  4. <Address></Address>
  5. Save snowagent.config



Stop and start the snow agent for it to pick up the new settings by:


  1. Change directory in the CMD prompt to ‘C:\Program Files\Snow Software\Inventory\Agent’
  2. snowagent stop
  3. snowagent start
  4. Manually initiate a scan with ‘snowagent scan’
  5. Transmit the scan file to the snow server using ‘Snowagent send’


Check the C:\Program Files\Snow Software\Inventory\Agent\data  folder for any .snowpack files - if the scan and send were successful no .snowpack files should be present.

In the event that .snowpack files remain, check the snowagent.log in the same folder for details of any error.


Increase Logging


edit the following snowagent.config  setting:





Set it to






Don’t forget to stop and start the agent. You could also set verbose

 With the latest v3 Snow for ServiceNow connector certain items have changed.

There is no longer a manual XML update Set needed – the transform maps are created automatically.


As Per the Snow for ServiceNow documentation (User Guide – Installation and configuration v3.3)

  1. You must request the Snow for ServiceNow connector through the ServiceNow Store.
  2. Snow will receive your request, and check your entitlement and approve.
  3. The Snow Software Catalogue and CMDB Integrations are then available WITHIN ServiceNow after this approval.

Important Note: This is not available in the free developer instance – only in Sandbox, Test or Prod instances of ServiceNow - Jakarta and above.

As per the documentation, you will need to set up the Snow SIM 5.16 to talk to the SLM API (The connector was improved in the SIM 5.16.2 release)

For detailed information, search in ServiceNow for

Snow Software Catalog Integration

Snow Software CMDB Integration


For details of the Transform Map used, see ‘Transform Map’ under the relevant integration



And then click on the relevant Table Transform Map to understand the detailed field mappings



License Balance Lookup

In order to enable the License Balance lookup, you will need to configure your Software Request to call into Snow in Realtime via the API, to check the balance of that Software Title.


Building Software Requests in ServiceNow is beyond the scope of this document (its covered in the Snow for ServiceNow Installation and Configuration Guide v3.3), but the License balance lookup is included as part of the Snow Software Catalog Integration.

To locate it: Search for ‘script includes’ – scroll down to ‘System Definition’ and select ‘Script Includes’


Search and Select ‘SnowLicenseManagerAjax’ – the Snow API lookup code is shown.

This should be integrated into the Software Approval Step