Developing Ideas

Blog Post created by ester.memoli Employee on Mar 22, 2019

May 2019 Update: many of the Ideas mentioned in this article have been developed. Please consider the list as outdated. Anyway the Ideas page, the Search method and the hints are still valid.

Our tireless R&D team works every day to develop improvements, updates, fixes and new features for all Snow applications. Did you know they also evaluate and take in consideration the ideas coming from customers, partners and even Snow employees from all departments?

This is done throught the Ideas Portal, available here in the community at the following link: Snow Ideas Board


An example of all the Ideas currently (March 2019) in development:



Bulk delete computers from the Inventory SMACC
New MS chassis types to Inventory
Excluding autofs filessystems/ NFS mounts from agent scanning

Disable Auto/Dynamic Search Feature
Open/Known Problem Database

Change Snow Products main Icon



Show install path in reports
Additional Columns for report Applications per computer
License ID Field Needed in All Licenses Report
Add "Installed" to "Applications per computer" report

Color uninstalled applications in report same as on Desktop
Add the period to the report "All licenses"

Enhanced Reporting Feature Request for Applications by Computer Report (Historic Metering)

Add hypervisor detection to report "Computers that are not inventoried"

Report Showing All Computers Per User

Add Processors & Total cores to the column selector in All Computers report

Add the ability to add (custom) fields to the compliance summary report



List of available detection scripts

Publish release details for detection scripts


Version and Edition Index in Licence compliance per organisation

Add Custom Compare Value name in license compliancy summary

Import functionality for Oracle Orders and Agreements
Add Processors & Total cores to the column selector in All Computers report



Add custom fields to Oracle orders

PowerVM connector for AIX LPAR info

Improve connector access to AWS by using Cross Account Access Roles

Adobe Creative Cloud Connection into SLM


and many more!

NOTE: To be sure to look at the most up to date list, please go to the Ideas Board main page, click on "See all Ideas", then select "In development" from the drop-down list.