Snow Active Directory Discovery

Blog Post created by aaron.fryer Employee on Apr 5, 2019

Snow Active Directory Discovery

DOCUMENT DATE            14/03/2019
AUTHOR                              AARON FRYER

This document will walk you through how to enable Active Directory Discovery for Snow Inventory.



- Snow Inventory 5.x / 6.x

- An Active Directory user account which is a member of the domain users group.



Login to the Snow Inventory Server and open the SMACC Console. Browse to Inventory Servers and click the show details option to be directed to the next page.


On this page, you’ll need to click edit

You’ll now be presented with this menu, tick the box to enable Active Directory Discovery, this setting will start searching for machines in your domain once enabled and saved.


Click the Add option and you’ll see a list of options as below. Fill out the options below and click add and then save.


To enable User Discovery options, complete the same process and hit save once done.