Snow Agent Monitoring

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Snow Agent Monitoring


DOCUMENT DATE            21/03/2019
AUTHOR                              AARON FRYER


This document will provide some best practice processes and tips to monitor the behaviour of the Snow Agent.



- Snow Inventory 5.x / 6.x

- Procdump tool
Download here -

- Windows Debugging tool


Using the procdump tool


- Download and install the procdump program
- Extract the contents to C:\Temp
- Run command prompt as an administrator
- Browse to the directory C:\Temp via command prompt

Collect a memory dump file based on high CPU usage

The "-c [%value]" argument specifies the CPU usage threshold after which a memory dump file should be collected.

The "-c" argument is usually combined with the following ones:

"-s [secs]" – specifies how long the CPU usage should remain at a specified level for a memory dump file to be collected. The default value is 10 seconds.

"-u" – specifies the CPU usage of any particular processor core to be tracked, comparing the average CPU usage of all the cores.




Collect a memory dump file based on high memory usage

The "-m [MBs]" argument can be used to specify memory usage threshold after which a memory dump file should be collected.

Example. Collect a memory dump file if the process memory usage is larger than 500 MB.

Once there is a successful dump of the application that’s being monitored, you’ll find a .dmp file placed in the directory.

To view the dump file, you’ll require the Windows Debugging tool


Snow Agent Logging

The snow agent logs can be viewed remotely from the Snow Inventory console using the below method in the SMACC.

- Browse to device
- Double click the device to open the settings
- Browse to log file in the navigation pane



It can be useful to change the log level of the agent to give you more visibility on the errors you may be facing when troubleshooting the snow agent.

To do this, you’ll need to browse to the directory C:\Program Files\Snow Software\Inventory\Agent and open the snowagent.config file

It’s recommended to use notepad++ when opening this file to make editing easier and more clear.

On line 72 change the log level to verbose and on line 73 the MaxSize setting to 10000. Below is an example of what you should see in the snowagent.config file once these changes have been made. Once done, save and close the file and stop and start the Snow Inventory Agent service.