Application Cost vs License Cost

Blog Post created by mark.lillywhite Employee on Jul 8, 2019

Snow has always had two places to store the cost of an application and they are traditionally used for different reasons. The behaviour of this functionality recently changed – this article explains the current functionality and the recent change.


  1. Application Cost

    This is the cost to be used in any Risk, or Cost saving reports and the financial info tab for a computer (used in cost per business area / TCO type reports). It is entered by editing the application, and is easy to bulk upload prices for many applications as desired.

  2. License Cost

    This will be the Purchase price of the license divided by the number of actual licenses – in the example below the cost is £10 per installation.

  3. Financial Info

    This tab shows the cost of the Hardware and the application costs of any software on that hardware (see below)

    These values can be reported in the 'Potential Cost Savings' report, and also the 'Cost of Unused Applications per Computer' report.

    It is important to note that in versions of SLM between 8 and 9.1, if there was a license cost AND an Application cost for an application, the license cost would always win. This had one unfortunate side effect: If the license cost was Zero, it would override any application cost – showing risks as zero, and savings as Zero (if you had a license entered).

    As of SLM 9.2 there has been a change:

    If the license cost is zero, Snow uses the application cost. If the license cost has a value, Snow will use that value an ignore Application cost. In the screenshot below Application cost is £140, license cost is zero.

    In the screenshot below license cost per install is £10 and application cost is still £140

This means in the Family View Risk is shown at the license value - £10

Where as without a license cost, the Risk is shown using the application cost ONLY

Note: Snow will average the license cost per installation if there are many licenses but with different prices.
In the example below we have two licenses at different prices (£300 & £500)

meaning the License average is £400 per install in this case.