Share - The 6 steps of software asset management

Blog Post created by geoffrey.macquet Employee on Sep 30, 2019

Step 6: Share

Gathering technical, financial and contractual data in a central system of record for IT assets is good. But to be useful, the consumed and produced data and information of the SAM tool needs to be shared among all responsible stakeholders within an organization.


Share - The questions you need to ask yourself

  • What kind of reports do you share with your responsible colleagues?
  • Do you schedule reports on a regular basis?
  • Is the produced information in the reports fitting the target audience?
  • Are all necessary information data shared to effectively work with it?


The last step share is when you will collect the data that has been gathered in the steps 1 to 5 of DINROS to a customizable report and present them to the appropriate stakeholders within the business. SAM solutions will consume and produce valuable data which should be shared within the organization. Gathering and maintaining financial compliance and contractual information in a SAM solution for IT assets enables stakeholders to manage software assets from repositioning to retirement.

Into the reporting individualization tools such as interactive dashboards data import and export and advanced integration connectors from the backbone of a strong SAM implementation. Stakeholders need access to SAM data and require solid reporting capabilities that can produce ELP and compliance reports. Some external toolsets will also need access to SAM data. These toolsets may reside within the IT operations group such as passing normalize inventory gate of CMDBs and associated service catalogues in enterprise resource planning or ERP for software procurement data or in other areas of businesses such as security.

SAM solutions want to access external data as well such as importing software vendor entitlement data. Sharing reported data and SAM data helps to drive efficiency in the customer environment and create alignment between IT and business within the organization. It also enables multiple stakeholders to access different views which enable them to be more productive and track what they need to know.


The Snow Way

With Snow License Manager it is easy to create your reports or use existing ones which then can be shared among the different responsible stakeholders. Reports can be scheduled to a defined time, so that they are being sent automatically by the system with the actual information - also reminding you.

Of course stakeholders can get direct access to Snow License Manager to view directly your shared data - in the Snow Management and Configuration Tool, access to reports and the ability to share these can easily be given.