Discussion: What does Brexit mean for technology assets?

Blog Post created by julie.neumann Advocate on Oct 22, 2019

Another vote, another stalemate. There is still no definitive conclusion on Brexit or exact guidance on how it will impact technology licenses. And it is clear the uncertainty and an inability to prepare has already had an impact - while businesses are losing contracts or moving operations out of the UK to avoid the limbo, very few workers have heard anything from the IT departments, or indeed anyone else in the organization.


But asset managers and CIOs can lay the groundwork now to help them deal with whatever conclusion is eventually reached. Read the latest post from Victoria Barber, our resident Technology Guardian and former Gartner analyst, for her thoughts and recommendations on how to prepare for this unprecedented challenge.



What does Brexit mean for technology assets? 


How is Brexit impacting you and your business? What have you done to navigate this situation from a licensing perspective? Please share your thoughts and questions in the comments below.