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Many software vendors have adapted the way in which they use software audits, shifting from an occasional activity to a significant source of revenue. Whilst these tend to be aligned with contract renewal dates, they can in fact occur at any time of year.


Vendors will rely on their data to show what they think you owe.


Are you confident that this approach leaves you without risk of non-compliance? 

Do you fear you might be out of compliance but are afraid to find out? 

Are you desperately hoping you can avoid an audit?




Instead of being forced to accept vendor audit data, you can counter with an accurate view of software deployment, configuration, licensing and usage data.


This guide shows how to do this and covers;

  • How Software Asset Management drives compliance
  • The different audit types and how to get prepared
  • Strategies to deal with Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, IBM and VMware


Download the Guide here