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Dear SnowGlobe users,

our Knowledge Management team has activated a brand new page, where you can track all the Knowledge Base Articles you've subscribed.


Be sure to be logged in into the Support portal and then click here:  Notifications and Subscriptions

In this page you can see at a glance all the KB Articles, you can also unsubscribe from them or edit the notification settings.


To unsubscribe from a KB Article, click on "Subscribed":



To edit the notifications, click on "Notification Preferences":




Additional features will come later.

This mini-portal is very useful and we hope you like it!

Updated email address. If you were not able to contact us by email in the past days, please try again now. Thank you.

Dear SnowGlobe users,

we are glad to invite you to participate to our survey on Snow License Manager (SLM). 


The requirements to access the survey are very easy:

You must be a SLM user. Versions 7.x, 8.x and 9.x are welcome.

You must be a current Snow customer or partner

To participate and get access to the survey please leave a comment below, or contact us by email.

We'll email you within the next 24 hours. The deadline for requests is the 30th June, so do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible.




The Snow Software Customer Success Manager team

How many Connectors (SIC) do we offer in Snow Integration Manager (SIM)? So many!

And sometimes we might struggle a bit while searching for them into the Knowledge Base.

So why not having all of them linked in one page?


As usual, my suggestion is to always use the permalink provided, instead of saving a local copy, as we update them from time to time, and the local copy might become soon outdated.


Enjoy the long list and let me know if I forgot any of them along the way


Note: in each KB Article page, you can click on the "Subscribe" button (on the top right), to get a notification every time the User Guide is updated.


User Guide: Adobe Creative Cloud connector

User Guide: Aha! for Product Connector

User Guide: Altiris Connector

User Guide: AirWatch Connector

User Guide: AWS Discovery Connector

User Guide: Azure Discovery Connector

User Guide: BMC Remedyforce Connector

User Guide: BMC Remedy Connector

User Guide: BMC ADDM Connector

User Guide: BMC Discovery Connector

User Guide: Box Connector

User Guide: Citrix XenServer Connector

User Guide: COMPAREX Miss Marple Connector

User Guide: Dell KACE Connector

User Guide: Discovery Data from File Connector

User Guide: Dropbox Connector

User Guide: Freshdesk Connector

User Guide: Freshsales Connector

User Guide: Freshservice Connector

User Guide: FrontRange Discovery Connector

User Guide: GitHub Enterprise Connector

User Guide: GitLab Enterprise Connector

User Guide: Google Cloud Discovery Connector

User Guide: GSuite Connector

User Guide: HEAT Discovery Connector

User Guide: HP Universal Discovery

User Guide: HP Discovery & Dependency Mapping Inventory Connector

User Guide: HP Server Automation Connector

User Guide: IBM BigFix Connector

User Guide: IBM TAD4D Connector
User Guide: IBM ILMT Connector

User Guide: iQuate iQSonar Connector

User Guide: Inventory File Forwarder Connector

User Guide: Ivanti Endpoint Manager Connector

User Guide: LANDesk Connector

User Guide: Kayako Connector

User Guide: LogMeIn GoToMeeting Connector

User Guide: LogMeIn GoToWebinar Connector

User Guide: Microsoft Intune Connector

User Guide: Microsoft Office 365 Connector

User Guide: Microsoft SCCM Connector

User Guide: Microsoft Intune (SCCM hybrid) Connector

User Guide: Microsoft Hyper-V Connector

User Guide: MobileIron Connector

User Guide: Okta Connector

User Guide: Pipedrive Connector

User Guide: Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Connector

User Guide: SaaS Connector

User Guide: Salesforce Sales Cloud Connector

User Guide: ServiceNow Discovery Connector

Technical Reference: ServiceNow Connector

User Guide: Snow Device Manager Connector

User Guide: Installation and Configuration of Snow for ServiceNow 3.3

User Guide: Snow License Manager Data Exporter Connector

User Guide: Snow Inventory Oracle Scanner Connector

User Guide: Snow XML Connector

User Guide: Tableau Online Connector

User Guide: TeamSupport Connector

User Guide: TopDesk Connector

User Guide: Trello Connector

User Guide: VMware vSphere Connector

User Guide: WebEx Connector

User Guide: Wrike Connector

User Guide: Workplace by Facebook Connector

User Guide: Zendesk Connector

User Guide: Zoom Connector

User Guide: Zoho CRM Connector


Agents v.6 User Guides

Posted by ester.memoli Employee May 20, 2019

As our R&D department always keeps Snow software up to date, our Technical Writers team works to always keep the related documentation up to date too, to reflect the most recent changes.
That's why I suggest to bookmark the KB articles to be sure to get the most recent version of a User Guide, rather than just downloading the version 1.0. Also, in each KB Article page, you can click on the "Subscribe" button (on the top right), to get a notification every time the User Guide is updated.

We've released the User Guides for our Snow Agents version 6.
You can find the permalinks below:


User Guide: Configuration for Snow Inventory Agents version 6

This guide describes the configuration of the Snow Inventory Agents for Windows, Linux, macOS, and Unix.


User Guide: Snow Inventory Agent 6 for Linux

User guides for versions 6.x of the Snow Inventory Agent for Linux.


User Guide: Snow Inventory Agent 6 for macOS

User guides for versions 6.x of the Snow Inventory Agent for macOS.


User Guide: Snow Inventory Agent for Unix 6.0.0

This document describes how to install and run the Snow Inventory Agent for Unix.


Technical Reference: Configuration document for all Inventory agents

Detailed configuration description for all Inventory agents. Additional document to the Configuration Guide for all agents.

I've had recently a couple of requests about Security information in Snow.

After providing the specific user guides and getting a good feedback about their content (no doubts about it! ), I thought they could be useful for the SnowGlobe community too.

Below you can find the direct permalinks, so you can reach the documents easily without searching in the full Knowledge Base.


Technical Description: Security Considerations in Snow License Manager 9


Technical Description: Security Considerations for Snow Analytics


Technical Description: Security in Snow Inventory for Snow Inventory 5


Technical Description: Security Considerations for Snow Inventory 6


User Guide: Federated authentication with SAML for Snow License Manager 9


User Guide: Federated Authentication with SAML - Update revision 8.3


I hope you find them useful!


Note: in each KB Article page, you can click on the "Subscribe" button (on the top right), to get a notification every time the User Guide is updated.

Hello SnowGlobe,

we often receive requests about or minimum requirements to build a well structured and sized Snow environment, such as operating system, database, disk space, memory, etc.

We have created a System Requirements document that is constantly kept updated by our R&D team.


This is the permalink, so R&D will always post here the most recent version: 

Snow System Requirements - System requirements for all Snow products


Add it to your bookmarks!


Note: in each KB Article page, you can click on the "Subscribe" button (on the top right), to get a notification every time the User Guide is updated.

Hej hej, SnowGlobe!

I'm glad to inform you that we still have some few places available in our courses in April 2019 held in our HQ in Solna Business Park (Sweden).

The courses are:


If you are interested in other courses available in the Nordics region, please check this link: Courses in Nordics area 
For other available locations all around the world, please check this link All Snow Training


If you have any questions, reach us at


You're wecolme!

Buongiorno, SnowGlobe!

Do you know we have some user guides in additional languages, other than English?

If not, please access our Knowledge Base and you'll find all there!


Anyway, to simplify the search I'm adding here the current ones for the web interface of Snow License Manager 9:



Note: in each KB Article page, you can click on the "Subscribe" button (on the top right), to get a notification every time the User Guide is updated.

Developing Ideas

Posted by ester.memoli Employee Mar 22, 2019

May 2019 Update: many of the Ideas mentioned in this article have been developed. Please consider the list as outdated. Anyway the Ideas page, the Search method and the hints are still valid.

Our tireless R&D team works every day to develop improvements, updates, fixes and new features for all Snow applications. Did you know they also evaluate and take in consideration the ideas coming from customers, partners and even Snow employees from all departments?

This is done throught the Ideas Portal, available here in the community at the following link: Snow Ideas Board


An example of all the Ideas currently (March 2019) in development:



Bulk delete computers from the Inventory SMACC
New MS chassis types to Inventory
Excluding autofs filessystems/ NFS mounts from agent scanning

Disable Auto/Dynamic Search Feature
Open/Known Problem Database

Change Snow Products main Icon



Show install path in reports
Additional Columns for report Applications per computer
License ID Field Needed in All Licenses Report
Add "Installed" to "Applications per computer" report

Color uninstalled applications in report same as on Desktop
Add the period to the report "All licenses"

Enhanced Reporting Feature Request for Applications by Computer Report (Historic Metering)

Add hypervisor detection to report "Computers that are not inventoried"

Report Showing All Computers Per User

Add Processors & Total cores to the column selector in All Computers report

Add the ability to add (custom) fields to the compliance summary report



List of available detection scripts

Publish release details for detection scripts


Version and Edition Index in Licence compliance per organisation

Add Custom Compare Value name in license compliancy summary

Import functionality for Oracle Orders and Agreements
Add Processors & Total cores to the column selector in All Computers report



Add custom fields to Oracle orders

PowerVM connector for AIX LPAR info

Improve connector access to AWS by using Cross Account Access Roles

Adobe Creative Cloud Connection into SLM


and many more!

NOTE: To be sure to look at the most up to date list, please go to the Ideas Board main page, click on "See all Ideas", then select "In development" from the drop-down list.


[Updated on 12/04/2019]

As you may know, in our Knowledge Base we collect all the most up to date documents and guides about our software. You can filter the data by topic or by category and even order for the "last update" field, but why not having here a quick list of the most up to date documents about SLM 9.0.x? 


So, here they are:


      User Guide for Snow Management and Configuration Center for the administration of License Manager.

      US English version of the User Guide: Web User Interface Snow License Manager version 9. 



      This Technical Description describes how the Snow License Manager web user interface allows users to sign in       while Data Update Job runs and what areas are made unavailable when which stored procedures are executed.




I hope you find them helpful. In case you need more information about our SnowGlobe Community, our tools, forums and trainings, please check this link: Welcome to Snow – Where to start and things to know 

 Note: in each KB Article page, you can click on the "Subscribe" button (on the top right), to get a notification every time the User Guide is updated.

We welcome you in the community of Snow Software: SnowGlobe.

If you’ve either just joined our Snow Software world or simply want to have a refresh about our available tools, this is the right place for you.


The Community: SnowGlobe

Snow Software community is called SnowGlobe. Here you will find not only the discussion forums but also a lot of useful tools to get the best from your Snow applications.


The forum collection is called Snow Product Hub
Here you will find Snow employees, customers and partners actively participating to the discussions and we would like to hear also from you! To get more information about how to use the community, how to open a new thread or receive notifications, we have some quick tutorials available here: Help and Getting Started.


There are badges to win and some interesting prizes are waiting for the most active community users, so be sure to complete your Profile and join us!


Knowledge Base and Documentation

Whether you’re searching for the most up to date User Guide or a How-To article, our Knowledge Base is the best place to check. 
The searches can be refined selecting one or more criteria from the column on the left side. The results can be ordered in several ways, like date or alphabetical order. You can also refine the research for the document type. For instance, if you’re searching for the latest User Guides, simply tick the box "User Guides" in the "Article Type" section on the left panel.


Self-training: Snow Academy

If you want to learn further about our software and discover some best practices, our Academy site is the right place! Snow Academy contains many videos and tutorials that can help you to improve your knowledge about our products and get the best from them. 
Many videos are FREE, while some others need to be requested after a subscription plan.


The Products

Do you already know all our products? Do you want to know more about them or discuss about them in the related forums? Here's the full list!

SNOW INVENTORY (INV) - Discover devices, software and cloud services on all platforms, audit software installs and track usage. Discuss about it in the Inventory Forum

SNOW LICENSE MANAGER (SLM) - The heart of Snow, Snow License Manager tames the complexity, cost and risk of software and licensing. Discuss about it in the License Manager Forum


SNOW AUTOMATION PLATFORM (AP) - Automate key Software Asset Management, Cloud and mobile processes to accelerate adoption and increase ROI. Discuss about it in the Automation Platform Forum 

SNOW INTEGRATION CONNECTORS (SIC) - Maximize the value of existing investments with automated Inventory, ITAM and ITSM integrations. Discuss about them in the SIC Forum

SNOW DEVICE MANAGER (SDM) - A complete enterprise mobility management solution that handles the full lifecycle of mobile devices. Discuss about it in the Device Manager Forum

SNOW OPTIMIZER FOR SAP® SOFTWARE (SOS) - Software license optimization for one of the enterprise’s largest IT costs. Discuss about it in the Optimizer for SAP Forum



If you’re experiencing a technical issue and need help from our Support team, you can reach it here: Support Portal
Our service is provided through Cases that can be opened, commented, monitored, closed and even withdrawn in the “My cases” area. 


To get the best from our Support, we strongly recommend you to provide all the necessary information while opening a Case, so our technicians can help you promptly.  We also have some very useful guides about how to open a case in the most accurate way:

Hand in hand with Snow Support 

- How to find log files


Upcoming events: online and offline

We really wish to meet you in one of our worldwide events!
We like to arrange events in many languages all around the world, to meet our customers, partners and welcome anyone else interested in our software. To know when we will be close to your city and which are the upcoming events, you can check the always up to date list here: Upcoming Events.


Added to the events and tours we also do webinars, mainly in - but not limited to - English. They are included in the event list link, so don’t forget to come back from time to time and check them.



We like to improve our software and really appreciate your help, bringing your valuable suggestions into our features. We have a specific section of our community where these ideas are collected, voted by the community users and evaluated by Snow developers. The discussion board is called Snow Ideas Board.


We would really appreciate if you give a look to the existing Ideas open for voting and give your thumbs up (or down).

You can filter the Ideas for "Open for voting" status and let us know your thoughts about it.


If you want an overview of what we’ve already added to our applications, following the community suggestions, you can check the Ideas marked as implemented.


Blog: SAM, ITAM and Software Intelligence

If you’re a CIO, a CFO, an IT leader managing software consumption and costs and you want to know more, our blog is the right place for you.
Our authors post on our “Snow’s SAM blog” about IT Asset Management (ITAM), licensing, cloud software, Software Asset Management (SAM) and much more.


We hope this article has provided several useful tips, links and suggestions, but do not hesitate to ask us any additional question you may have leaving a comment below.

Again, welcome to Snow and enjoy your time into our Community!

In Snow Management And Configuration Console (SMACC) there's a specific section dedicated to the yet unrecognized software. If you have that software installed on one or more computers in your company, you can help us to add the full definition to the list. To do so, it's quite easy and some steps can really help you to provide us complete and relevant data.

  1. Download the SRS Request Template from this link: SRS Template v4.2 
  2. Fill all the mandatory columns with a special attention to:
    • Official Product Name*
    • Official Manufacturer*
    • Official Version*
    • Full Installation Path Including Main Executable*
  3. Save the file in XLS format and send it to our Support Team

What if you miss some of this information? 
To provide the best definitions, that can be valid for each of our customers, we need to be sure that all the necessary data is included in the most precise way. There's a simple trick to collect this data directly from your SMACC with a report. 
Note: Please be sure to have ready the name of the computer/s that have that application already installed and that a Snow agent has already performed an inventory scan.

These steps will help you to collect the missing fields:

  1. Open SMACC and select "Inventory Admin Console"
  2. Open "Devices"
  3. Click on the "Add View" field (available at the top, which is used to create the report)
  4. Name the report as you prefer
  5. In the next step, select the required fields:
    • Device \ Computer name
    • Software \ Software name
    • Software \ SW Manufacturer
    • Software \ Software version
    • Software \ SW path name
  6. Next, filter the report for the computer you are looking for with the installed application
    • Select the Device \ Computer name field
    • Specify "EQUALS" as the condition
    • And specify the name of the computer
  7. Click "Save" so that the report view is created and is now available in SMACC


Once you run this report on the relevant computer, you'll be able to find all the necessary fields that were required in the SRS Request Template. A copy/paste will be enough to fill all the columns and then proceed to the submission to our Support team.