• Oracle middleware and applications

    Hi guys, How will you manage oracle middleware and applications in SNOW. By 'manage' i mean the whole process of entitlement uploading and showing compliance position in SNOW. I don't know if SNOW captures consumpt...
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  • Which functionality should be added to OMO

    oracle oracle management option omo
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  • Oracle Management Option database options

    In OMO there are two values for Database Options, “Options installed” and “Options used”. What does it mean?
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  • Oracle Data Integrator

    Good day everybody, has anybody of you experience with Oracle Data Integrator and in connection with Snow License Manager? Any input would be highly appreciated.   Thanks, Rainer
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  • Linux and Mac Snow Agent Quick Install Guide

    1 INTRODUCTION This document describes how to install and run the Snow Inventory Agent for Linux. For more detail, please refer to the full user guide - SIAL510_UserGuide_LinuxAgent.pdf The Snow Inventory Agent fo...
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  • web metering data is not visible for more than 3 months

    Hi, I am not able to see the software usage data for more than 3 months, the data before 3 months is not visible. As per the METERING_HISTORY_CLEANUP, METERING_HISTORY_MONTHS settings in SMACC console the web meterin...
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  • Adding an Oracle order

    You might have seen that yesterdays (07.06.2018) release of SLM 8 brings some changes to the GUI of Snow's Oracle Management Option (OMO). As you can see in the release notes "All features and...
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  • Siebel issue

    Hi, Does anyone has experience with adding Siebel products with metric - Enterprise $M in Revenue Perpetual? Please share experience if any.#Oracle Siebel
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  • How does Snow assign licenses for Oracle Middleware

    How does Snow assign licenses for Oracle Middleware (internet application server; oracle WebLogic server)
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  • What indicates that Oracle Database is installed?

    When the Snow Inventory Oracle Scanner (SIOS) scans a machine, what file or files does it look for that indicate the installation of Oracle Database?  I ask because we're finding that it is picking up backups of ...
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  • Oracle to charge for Java

    Has anyone read recent articles about Oracle announcing Java SE 8 public updates will have to be licensed beginning 01/01/19?  Is SNOW reviewing in anticipation of changing the recognition rules to "License Requi...
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  • Non-persistent Cloud instances

    Fellow Snow men & women,   I am looking for some guidance/advice and ideas on how to address the current/emerging issue of auto-scaling and non-persistent cloud instances.   In my current scenario, we ...
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  • Oracle Java

    Licensreglerna kring java ändras. Att få veta hur det ser ut i er miljö är enkelt: rätt filter och rapporten är klar. Det som gör detta möjligt är Snow´s programvaru...
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  • Oracle ELP

    Has anyone been able to take Snow's OSW report and translate to a effective license position report? How have you been doing it outside of Snow?
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  • Oracle Management Option Packs granted and agreed

    In OMO I can see ”Packs granted” and ”Packs agreed”. What is the difference?
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  • Deploy TIBCO Spotfire Server Distribution

    In the last tutorial we have learned about the Installation And Configuration Of Tibco Spotfire Server. This tutorial talks about how to Deploy Tibco Spotfire Server&#...
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  • Weblogic and Products Included: What will be the metric

    We have a couple of Weblogic Suite and Enterprise Edition licenses. All are proc-based. My question is, what will be the metric of the products included? For example, related installation of Oracle Jrockit  and&#...
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  • Oracle Licensing Overview

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  • An Essential Guide : Winning Strategies to Beat Audits

    Many software vendors have adapted the way in which they use software audits, shifting from an occasional activity to a significant source of revenue. Whilst these tend to be aligned with contract renewal dates, they ...
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  • Overview of Supply chain management

    Supply chain management (SCM) is the control of a community of interconnected organizations concerned inside the provision of product and carrier programs required by using the end clients in a deliver chain. deliver ...
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