• Developing Ideas

    Our tireless R&D team works every day to develop improvements, updates, fixes and new features for all Snow applications. Did you know they also evaluate and take in consideration the ideas coming from customers, ...
    created by ester.memoli
  • Getting the free snow software instance for fully Practice

    How to practice in snow software, it is possible to get a free snow software instance, could you please help me out.
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  • Useful information about Snow License Manager 9.x

    [Updated on 20/03/2019 with SLM 9.1 links] As you may know, in our Knowledge Base we collect all the most up to date documents and guides about our software. You can filter the data by topic or by category ...
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  • How to prepare for the SLM9 upgrade

    The intention of this blog is to prepare you for a smooth Snow License Manager 9 Upgrade, with some useful hints to raise the awareness and the knowledge about the process. Please note that we strongly recommend to r...
    created by geoffrey.macquet
  • How to: Using Snow Inventory Agent to collect registry values

    Dear community, Today, I've woke up with the intention of create a HOW TO serie for partners and customers The idea begin after this conversation:   JPP: Did you know you can configure the Snow Inventory A...
    created by jorge.pascua
  • How to license Snow License Manager?

    Hi All,   A pretty basic question but I still get discussions on this.   In the pricelist there is this definition: A Device is defined as an inventoried, managed device whether active or quarantined, inc...
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  • Getting the Most Out of Snow Inventory Discovery

      Enemy: Unknown Your organisation has Snow Inventory and Snow License Manager up and running. Agents are rolled out to all devices on your estate and you are starting to make use of all the data. One fact rema...
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  • How to collect data and submit a new SRS request

    In Snow Management And Configuration Console (SMACC) there's a specific section dedicated to the yet unrecognized software. If you have that software installed on one or more computers in your company, you can help us...
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  • Welcome to Snow – Where to start and things to know

    We welcome you in the community of Snow Software: SnowGlobe. If you’ve either just joined our Snow Software world or simply want to have a refresh about our available tools, this is the right place for you. ...
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  • SNOW versus ServiceNow as ITAM Tool

    I am facing an issue that I need to re-sell SNOW as our primary ITAM tool. We recently moved an on-prem instance of ServiceNow to an off-prem being managed by a 3rd party. Somewhere along the way that 3rd party sold t...
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  • sql server license there are included in an sap environment

    Hi to everybody, in SAP Environment are SQL Licenses included (my customer told me ...) My Question: Does SLM reflect this circumstance in calculating compliance? Or should i add possible SQL CAL's and / or SQL Se...
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  • Visio/Project online C2R media vs. traditional volume license media

    Does anyone know if Snow correctly recognizes which media has been used to do the on premise installation? What I mean is: when you purchase Visio Online, you need to use the click-to-run bits that you download f...
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  • Allowed term to re-assign Adobe Acrobat licenses and subscriptions

    Does anyone know what the official term is to re-assign Adobe Acrobat subscriptions and perpetual licenses subscriptions to another user/installation? For Microsoft the product terms clearly state that you can only re...
    created by lieve.geelen
  • Educational inst.: Microsoft Imagine now Azure Dev Tools

    It is a long shot posting this here but any help would be appreciated.   Long story short, Microsoft have moved their Microsoft Imagine Standard and Premium service into one Azure Dev Tools platform.   Im...
    created by SnowCat
  • Using earlier Snow Inventory agents to scan older operating systems

    For various reasons (described at the end of this post), compatibility with older operating systems is sometimes broken when we release a new inventory agent version. In these cases, we will still support the older op...
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  • Linux and Mac Snow Agent Quick Install Guide

    1 INTRODUCTION This document describes how to install and run the Snow Inventory Agent for Linux. For more detail, please refer to the full user guide - SIAL510_UserGuide_LinuxAgent.pdf The Snow Inventory Agent fo...
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  • Click to Accept and Online Agreements

    Does anyone currently have a best practice for managing Click to Accept, Online or Open Source Agreements?  How often do you review for changes?  Do you set an expiration in Snow to review?
    created by cinfin
  • ITIL 4

    Hi all,   I just wondered if anyone was thinking of sitting the new ITIL 4 course. I have previous ITIL qualifications and unsure whether it is particularly necessary if you have already passed previous iteratio...
    Craig Moss
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  • web metering data is not visible for more than 3 months

    Hi, I am not able to see the software usage data for more than 3 months, the data before 3 months is not visible. As per the METERING_HISTORY_CLEANUP, METERING_HISTORY_MONTHS settings in SMACC console the web meterin...
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  • Adding an Oracle order

    You might have seen that yesterdays (07.06.2018) release of SLM 8 brings some changes to the GUI of Snow's Oracle Management Option (OMO). As you can see in the release notes "All features and...
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