• MS Project Professional 2016

    I can see we have 1 installation of MS project Professional 2016  and it is showing as non-compliant, and on the same system we have MS O365 Pro professional installed  , further client has MS PROJECT ONLINE...
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  • Creating Rules: Meaning of checkbox in the Definition tab "Include virtual versions…"

    What is meant by "virtual versions"? Are these meant to be virtual applications, virtual appliances, or something else? Has anyone used this with the checkbox deactivated?   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual...
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  • Developing Ideas

    May 2019 Update: many of the Ideas mentioned in this article have been developed. Please consider the list as outdated. Anyway the Ideas page, the Search method and the hints are still valid. Our tireless R&D te...
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  • Agents v.6 User Guides

    As our R&D department always keeps Snow software up to date, our Technical Writers team works to always keep the related documentation up to date too, to reflect the most recent changes. That's why I suggest to bo...
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  • How to enable CIS Datacentre Core Licensed by Host to cover Virtual Server operating systems

    Microsoft Core Infrastructure Suite Datacentre licensed by computer Host covering all virtual machines (guests)  Cross Edition right enabled on the License but the guests are not appearing as covered by the licen...
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  • Application recognition & license upload identification

    I'm in the process of better understanding snow software and I can't seem to pin point what's used for application recognition and remediation.  I had attempted a bulk upload using the product SKU's but none...
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  • Snow pre-requisites: Microsoft SQL Server – which edition is required?

    Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft. As a database server, it is a software product with the primary function of storing and retri...
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  • Useful information about Snow License Manager 9.x

    [Updated on 12/04/2019] As you may know, in our Knowledge Base we collect all the most up to date documents and guides about our software. You can filter the data by topic or by category and even order for ...
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  • How to prepare for the SLM9 upgrade

    The intention of this blog is to prepare you for a smooth Snow License Manager 9 Upgrade, with some useful hints to raise the awareness and the knowledge about the process. Please note that we strongly recommend to r...
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  • Unable to save reports to a shared location

    Is there an issue with saving reports to a shared location? I am generating a report to save to a shared location but it's not working for me, I have full read/write access to this location and am putting in the cor...
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  • Windows 10 Version Number reporting in Snow License Manager

    Since the beginning of time, Windows operating systems have had a major version and edition, and then various updates. Originally Service Packs, but since Windows 10/2016 its been version numbers. Now Snow always use...
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  • Microsoft Licence processor to core

    Does anyone know how to manage their legacy processor licence to new core base licences , without manipulating the legacy licences . Have upgraded to SLM ver 9 , and used selected cross platform and still get error on...
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  • Oracle middleware and applications

    Hi guys, How will you manage oracle middleware and applications in SNOW. By 'manage' i mean the whole process of entitlement uploading and showing compliance position in SNOW. I don't know if SNOW captures consumpt...
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  • How to license Snow License Manager?

    Hi All,   A pretty basic question but I still get discussions on this.   In the pricelist there is this definition: A Device is defined as an inventoried, managed device whether active or quarantined, inc...
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  • Compliance exclusions

    This is one of four blog posts related to features in SLM 9.2.0 release. A capability for all SAM programs is being able to provide an accurate license position and financial risk exposure to the organisation for...
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  • Which functionality should be added to OMO

    oracle oracle management option omo
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  • Oracle Management Option database options

    In OMO there are two values for Database Options, “Options installed” and “Options used”. What does it mean?
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    In a Windows Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution the computer desktop environment is separated from the physical computer to maintain data compliance by keeping sensitive corporate resources off user dev...
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  • Security considerations, information and guides

    I've had recently a couple of requests about Security information in Snow. After providing the specific user guides and getting a good feedback about their content (no doubts about it! ), I thought they could be usef...
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  • Does license Keys get captured in Snow for installed softwares

    Hi Folks,   Does Snow agent has the capability of capturing the license keys for installed software products. If yes, does it bring this information out of the box or do we have to change the agent config file??...
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