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We have been using the Snow Clients across our Mac and PC estate to upload data to our Inventory server however we also have KACE and more recently JAMF which both offer the option of connectors.   With the frequency of the client updates and the slightly awkward method of requesting updated client with no guarantee you will get what you ask for,… (Show more)
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The connection string for the AD User Discovery is ok and it works. i get the UPN out of the AD. But now Snow do not link automatically the o365 user to the AD user. Manually i can do it.... but 9000 times is not acceptable for me. Someone can help me ?   o365 connector ad user discovery user linking
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Dears,   Can we transfer the inventory data from Snow to BMC CMDB?   Regards, Abhishek
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Released on February 4, 2020. Release information Product Snow Integration Manager New version:  5.19 Release date: February 4, 2020 Distribution Installer  Technical documentation Updated or new technical documents in this release is:  Release notes EnhancementsGUI/Core The connectors are now grouped into categories instead of alphabetical… (Show more)
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Click to view contentA new package was uploaded July 5, 2017:  SIM 5.4 build No.266 To accelerate the speed of Software Asset Management (SAM) adoption and minimize the disruption associated with implementing a new technology, Snow makes it easy to integrate the SAM platform with existing investments such as autodiscovery tools, IT Asset Management (ITAM) solutions… (Show more)
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Hi Snowers, I have a few datacenters that have zero hosts in them. Some are new reserved names but some appear to be old datacenters that are not detected by the SIM connectors anymore. I hoped that those would get deleted automatically. Anyone knows how to configure the automatic cleanup? So far I have been doing that manually but I hope there… (Show more)
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Hi,   I recently configured the Snow > ServiceNow CMDB connector in our Dev environment, it creates/updates the assets which is great.    Before putting into Prod environment I'd like to see if there is a way of reducing the amount of information that is brought across...   i.e. Since performing the aggregation I now have over 1,000,000… (Show more)
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Marcel Hirsch
This video describes how to update our product Snow Integration Manager within minutes. Resource: /marcel
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Hi,   Has anyone a new installation of Snow License Manager running version 9.5.1 and then have setup the Office365 connector?   We have a case where linking of users is not happening (Ticket nr: CS0071773) . It looks like SLM 9.5.1 are looking for a migration to take place, but when there are no data from Office365 prior to the SLM 9.5.1… (Show more)
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Click to view contentWe have installed all the required software on snow inventory server and getting the test connection successful with API user ID, Still we don't get any Office 365 information in SLM web portal and getting error "need to configure Office 365 connector"   PFB     Snow versions: Snow License Manager 9.5.01 Snow Integration Manager 5.18 Snow… (Show more)
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