Official Release of Snow Integration Manager 5.9

Blog Post created by Myrja.Schumacher Employee on Jul 3, 2018

Release information

ProductSnow Integration Manager 5.9
Release Date:July 3, 2018
Distribution:Setup Package
Current status:Released


New Features

In this release of Snow Integration Manager, our SaaS integration connector has been extended to provide support for additional SaaS applications. The connector extracts subscription information, user data, and application usage. In Snow License Manager, this data provides the necessary insight for SAM managers to optimize SaaS subscription spend, through views that, for example, show users who have been assigned with a subscription, whether they have accessed the application(s) covered by the subscription, total monthly costs, and an overview of the account activity as a percentage of the total number of subscriptions.

The SaaS connector has been expanded to support:

  • Wrike
  • Pipedrive


The following enhancements have been made in Snow Integration Manager 5.9:

  • BMC Discovery (formerly known as BMC ADDM) – a new connector has been added to reflect the product name change by the vendor. This connector is compatible with BMC Discovery versions 11.2 and 11.3. To support earlier versions, use the existing BMC ADDM connector, which supports BMC ADDM/BMC Discovery up to version 11.1.
  • Frontrange – support has been added for most recent versions of Frontrange (9.4.6 and 9.4.7).
  • VMWare vSphere – support has been added for most recent versions of VMWare vSphere (6.7)
  • The text on the OK button has been changed to Close so that the Snow Integration Manager user interface is more intuitive.
  • When the user switches from one tab to another in Snow Integration Manager without saving changes, a pop-up message window now informs the user, ensuring that users remain in control of the changes they have made, which they may want to save or discard.
  • BMC Remedyforce – new fields have been added to enrich the data transferred from Snow License Manager to Remedyforce, namely PrimaryCapability which can be populated with Server, Laptop, Desktop or MobileDevice and IsVirtual, indicating whether the machine is virtual or not.
  • Gsuite SaaS connector – the connector now gathers last Gsuite login time and last Gmail interaction as user activity enriching the dataset provided by the connector.


The following corrections have been made in Snow Integration Manager 5.9:

SaaS Connector:

  • Data duplications no longer occur due to the mechanisms used to uniquely identify subscription instances.
  • WebEx integration:
    • Can now be renamed without creating duplicate data entries in the Snow License Manager database.
    • The test connection capability no longer returns succeeded when the connection fails, it now returns failed.

Hyper-V connector:

  • All virtual machines are now collected, even when values associated with them are null. (PRB0041717)

VMWare vSphere connector:

  • An option to exclude hosts that are powered off has been added. This option fixes the issue related to incorrect hostnames gathered for hosts that are powered off or are offline. (PRB0041610)

BMC Remedyforce connector:

  • Data uploaded from Snow to Remedyforce using CSV format now works correctly and no longer causes an Unhandled exception to occur. (PRB0041685).

BMC ADDM connector:

  • Additional software data is now retrieved from BMC ADDM enriching the information visible in Snow License Manager. (PRB0041415)
  • This version of the SaaS connector requires SLM 8.3.x or higher.
  • BMC Remedyforce enhancements require SLM 8.3.1 or higher.


Updated or new technical documentation with the SIM 5.9 release