Official Release of Snow Integration Manager 5.10

Blog Post created by Myrja.Schumacher Employee on Oct 2, 2018

Release Information


Snow Integration Manager 

New version5.10
Release DateOctober 2, 2018
DistributionSet Up Package
Current StatusReleased



In this release of Snow Integration Manager, the SaaS integration connector has been extended to provide support for additional SaaS applications. The information extracted by the connector includes subscription information, user data, and application usage. When viewed in Snow License Manager, this data provides SAM managers with the insight to optimize SaaS subscription spend. Views available show, for example, the users assigned a subscription, whether users have accessed the application(s) covered by the subscription, total monthly costs, and an overview of account activity as a percentage of the total number of subscriptions.

The SaaS applications added in this release are:

  • GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar
  • Trello

Other connectors added in this release are: 

ServiceNow Discovery

Lack of consolidation of multiple inventory solutions complicates the process of calculating effective license positions and optimizing software spend. This connector enables you to leverage existing ServiceNow Discovery investment, and by normalizing data through Snow, Snow License Manager can provide a single pane-of-glass overview of your entire IT estate, including environments inventoried through ServiceNow Discovery.


The following enhancements have been implemented in Snow Integration Manager 5.10:


  • Users whose last login activity that is more than 3 months ago are now included in the data extracted by this connector. .
  • The connector now extracts data for:
    • drives other than hard-disks, such as CD-ROms, and floppy-disks, as a PhysicalDisk element
    • environment variables, such as the location of user profiles
    • OS services, such as the name and location of operating-system services, 
  • Parsing virtual machine elements now correctly identifies the entity as virtual
  • Additional data is extracted for software elements:
    • The date the software was installed 
    • The time and day the software was executed
    • If the software is a package, and if so, extract the name of the package.
    • If the file is an msi package 
  • Other data extracted includes:
    • The build name and UI language for OS elements.
    • Names of physical drives.
    • The drive type, volume serial number, the name of the volume, and value for fixed free space for logical disks.
    • Build type


  • HP-Universal Discovery (UD) (Formerly known as HP-DDMI) – a new connector has been added to reflect the product name change by the vendor. This connector currently provides the same functionality as HP DDMI.

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization: 

  • Support has been added for version 4.x.
  • A checkbox – Exclude Powered Off Hosts – has been added to the configuration pane to enable filtering of disabled hosts. 
  • A checkbox has been added to the configuration pane to enable the connector instance name to be used as the default name for the data center.

SaaS Dropbox:

  • Now uses v2 of get_events API call.

ServiceNow CMDB/Catalog:

  • To ease the configuration process, the configuration pane has been separated into two tabs, one for Snow License Manager and ServiceNow.
  • Additional settings have been added to the configuration of Snow License Manager:

    • A checkbox – Wait for the Data Update Job to finish– has been added. Checking this option forces the ServiceNow connector now to check if the daily maintenance task in Snow License Manager (the Data Update Job [DUJ]) is running before it starts aggregation, avoiding possible time outs and data integrity issues. It is also possible to set how long the connector waits, by setting a value for Timeout in minutes.
    • A checkbox – Change Page Queue Size – has been added. Checking this option and setting the Page Queue Size limits how much data collected from Snow License Manager should be stored on the machine running Snow Integration
      Manager, potentially reducing the risk of collision with the Data Update Job.
  • Additional settings have been added to the configuration of ServiceNow:
    • A dropdown selector – ServiceNow upload batch size – has been added. This option limits how many files the connector exports to ServiceNow, and has a default setting of 100 000.  

ServiceNow CMDB: 

  • The checkbox –  Include computer applications – has been added to include computer applications in the data extracted. This option is checked by default.
  • The data fields – Status (Active, in active, quarantined), LastScanDate (2016-09-19 14:49:27.300) and IsServer (true/false, 1/0)) –  have been added to computer entities.

ServiceNow Catalog: 

  • The data field – OperatingSystemType (Windows, Linux..) – has been added to application entities

BMC Remedyforce:

  • To reduce the time it takes to gather computer applications from the Snow License Manager database, the connector has been updated to utilize Snow License Manager API computer applications v2.
  • Changed connector name from Remedyforce to BMC Remedyforce to reflect the correct product name and align with our naming convention for BMC connectors.

 VMware vSphere:

  • The text on the checkbox option Exclude templates has been changed to Exclude VM Templates and the text Exclude Powered Off to Exclude Powered Off Hosts. Both options are checked by default.


The following corrections have been implemented in Snow Integration Manager 5.10:

SaaS connectors:

  • Box:
    • The field space_used has been changed from a 32-bit to a 64-bit integer, this removed aggregation error for large environments (PRB0041734)
    • Enterprise events are now being fetched correctly. (PRB0041735)
  • Wrike:
    • Labels and text boxes are now properly aligned in the settings window.
  • ZenDesk:
    • To reduce the amount of data gathered, and the issues for customers with many ZenDesk users, this connector now fetches data about billable users only.  (PRB0041882)

Microsoft Office 365

  • For service provider edition, when the login credentials for the Office-365 connector cannot be validated, an error is raised.
  • Reading e-mail and Skype reports that include a comma between quotation marks no longer raises an error. 

Microsoft SCCM v.2012:

  • Changes made by the user under the Data source options tab in connector configuration are now saved properly. 

IBM BigFix:

  • The timeout for Bigfix API calls has been raised from 3 to 15 minutes (PRB0041876)
  • The parameter holding the total number of runs for software has been changed from a 32-bit to a 64-bit integer to allow max runs to exceed 2,147,483,647. (PRB0041876)

Microsoft Hyper-V:

  • When System Center VMM server is selected, an additional panel is activated enabling you to use the name of the VMHostGroup or the  HostCluster. (0001550)

ServiceNow CMDB/Catalog:

  • We have done changes to error handling for test connection when either system or manual proxy is enabled so that it gives correct feedback to the user. (PRB0041893)

Product dependencies

  • This version of the SaaS connector requires SLM 8.3.x or higher.
  • ServiceNow 3.2 connector requires SLM 8.3.1 or higher if Wait for data update job to finish setting is used.