Release Announcement of Snow Integration Manager 5.14

Blog Post created by Myrja.Schumacher Employee on Mar 28, 2019

SIM 5.14 release

Released on April 2, 2019. 

Snow Integration Manager 5.14 brings with it nine new SaaS connectors as well as enhancements for our BMC and HP Universal Discovery connectors. The data provided by our SaaS connectors provides the insight organizations need to optimize SaaS subscription spend; such as: what users are assigned to a subscription, if those users have accessed any of the applications covered by the subscription, as well as an overview of cost. With this release, Snow provides connectors to 25 of the most-used SaaS applications.

Release Information

ProductSnow Integration Manager
New Version5.14
Release DateApril 2, 2019
DistributionSetup Package
Current StatusReleased



This release of Snow Integration Manager introduces a number of new SaaS connectors. The information extracted by the connectors includes subscription information, user information, and application usage data. When viewed in Snow License Manager, this data provides SAM managers with the insight to optimize SaaS subscription spend; such as what users are assigned to a subscription, whether users have accessed the application(s) covered by the subscription, total monthly costs, and an overview of account activity as a percentage of the total number of subscriptions.

The new SaaS connectors included in this release are:

Aha! for Product




GitHub Enterprise

GitLab Enterprise





Amando Miss Marple

Snow Integration Manager 5.14 includes a connector to the Amando Miss Marple inventory solution from Comparex.


The following enhancements have been implemented in Snow Integration Manager 5.14:

BMC ADDM/Discovery

Discovery data for Oracle options is now gathered correctly.

BMC Remedy

Removed hardcoded string prepended to short description field.

Added mapping for the following fields: CapabilityList, Category, Item, PrimaryCapability, and Type.

BMC Remedyforce

Added fields CiStatus and AssetStatus to all BmcObjects with hardcoded value to "Deployed".

Removed hardcoded string prepended to short description field.

Out of memory and most frequent users changes.

Added option to filter out applications.


Parse SWID elements (hwOSSoftwareIdTags) from the HP UD .xsf files to inventory.

  • The following fields are now mapped to the software element:










New icon

The Snow Integration Manager has a new icon.

VMware vSphere

  • The connector now collects additional data for both datacenters and clusters. For virtual machines, the following fields have been added: CPU count, cores per socket, total memory, and UUID. For datacenters, name, cluster ID, cluster name, datacenter ID, datacenter name, DRS enabled, HA enabled, and hypervisor type have been added.
  • To more accurately display VMware hierarchy, user-defined datacenter names are no longer supported. This option has been removed from the vSphere Server dialog box:


The following corrections have been implemented in Snow Integration Manager 5.14:

 BMC Remedy and BMC Remedyforce – MAC addresses with 16-bit values are now gathered correctly.

 Hyper-V – scanning no longer fails for virtual machines that do not have a guest service installed for the entire scan (PRB0042051).

 VMware VSphere – vSphere datacenter features now correctly display as active in Snow License Manager for customers running Snow Inventory Server 3.2 (PRB0041805).