Official release of Snow Inventory Server 6.0.5

Blog Post created by Myrja.Schumacher Employee on Apr 24, 2019

Released on April 24

Release information

Product:                 Snow Inventory Server
New version:          6.0.5
Release date:         April 24, 2019
Distribution:           SUS package
Current status:      Released

Features in Snow Inventory Server 6.0.5

  • Support for non-ISO date formats 
    Through Snow Integration Manager connectors, the Snow architecture extracts data points from a multitude of sources developed by many different software vendors. To cater to local traditions and preferences, software developers sometimes adopt different data formatting standards to present information – even when international standards are well-established and widely adopted. Snow Inventory Server has been updated to cater for third-party solutions that do not adhere to the ISO standard for dates and times. Non-ISO dates are no longer ignored but are now processed, populating fields such as user’s last login, when the software was installed, or last modified.
  • Device types 
    A new system of device types has been developed in our inventory technology to support more granular licensing possibilities. For now, 36 types have been created including desktop, low-profile desktop, laptop, RAID chassis, and handheld. Once the device type has been matched against its, additional properties can be automatically populated, such as the IsPortable property.
  • New API for Oracle data points
    To transfer Oracle data points to Snow License Manager a new API has been added.
  • Handshake timestamp for assessing agent health 
    The Windows agent performs a handshake with the Snow Inventory Server every 5 minutes. For troubleshooting purposes, it is good to know when the agent last successfully completed a handshake, as it helps to determine if the agent is running and healthy. To provide this information, a new column LastHeartBeat has been added to the devices view in Snow Management and Configuration Center, which will be populated with the timestamp of the most recent handshake with the agent.

Enhancements in Snow Inventory Server 6.0.5

  • Performance enhancements in garbage collection 
    Garbage collection cleans up the Snow Inventory database, removing information that is no longer required, such as old metering or discovery data. To speed up this process, parallelization has been introduced and tracking information has been added to prevent the garbage collector from attempting to delete data that has already been removed in a previous run.
  • Support for logical volumes with MacOS APFS 
    Dependent on an upcoming release of the Snow Inventory agent for macOS, data points about logical volumes inside logical disks will now be processed by Snow Inventory Server and stored in the Snow Inventory database. Replacing the previous version where only disk information was retrieved and processed. The admin console of Snow Management and Configuration Center has been updated to display the information about logical volumes under device view/peripherals/ logical disk.

Corrections in Snow Inventory Server 6.0.5

  • An issue related to the missing operating system and network adaptor from the data about a device has been resolved by limiting simultaneous processing of files sent by the same device (PRB0041091 and PRB0040821).
  • Communication issues with gateway servers installed on a Google cloud service or Amazon AWS, resulting in An unhandled error has occurred in an initialization or run task entry in the log file have been resolved and Snow Inventory Server now connects correctly to service gateways in virtualized environments (PRB0041716).
  • When users log in to an application multiple times within very short time intervals, Snow agents can report identical user entries, which results in duplicate entry errors on the Snow Inventory database. Such errors no longer arise as Snow Inventory Server now processes only one of the identical entries (PRB0041653).
  • Data normalization of IP addresses has been enhanced to manage multiple IP addresses reported for the same machine. This improvement ensures that virtual machines can be correctly matched to their host, and inventory data collected from these machines will be correctly shown in Snow License Manager views and reports (PRB0041919).
  • Additional error handling has been added to prevent incorrect processing of application pathnames containing a period (.). Such pathnames are now correctly interpreted, and a corresponding software row for the application is created in the Inventory database (PRB0041931).
  • Additional error handling has been added to the Data Update Job. An error no longer occurs if the procedure to get the speed of a processor returns a value of more than 10GHz. Instead, the processor speed is marked as Overflow N/A and the Data Update Job continues processing. Duplication errors caused by software rows with the same ClientID and Name no longer arise, as duplicates are now ignored.
  • Hostname only mode has been modified to identify different types of agent reporting for the same hostname, ensuring that correct network topologies are created (PRB0041654).

Product dependencies

Snow Update Service requires SQL Server 2012 or higher to install Snow Inventory Server 6.0.5