• Snow Integration Manager - Dropbox Connector

    Hi All, Has anyone out there successfully configured the Dropbox Connector?   I am interested in the Dropbox API settings within the Dropbox Dev portal, outside of what is supplied within the Snow Integrat...
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  • Enhanced azure connector in the future

    Hi,   Do you have any 'enhanced' version of your azure connector currently in your pipeline?    Enhanced in the sense that it gathers more data than just discovery of machines, such as applications an...
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  • Trouble-shooting Steps

    Hello All,   What are the steps that should be followed when trouble shooting a connector that has stopped working. My initial thought is this.  1. Stop start service/ connector 2. Restart the server 3....
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  • BigFix server did not return all results for computer

    Hello everyone,   currently we have some difficulties with the IBM BigFix connector.   SLM Version: 8.3.2 SIS: 5.4.1 SIM Version: 5.8.1   Unfortunately, the connector only works sporadically, many ...
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  • Dynamics 365 Active Users

     Updated Hi All, I believe O365 connector still only retrieves usage information from O365 Admin Portal for Office family products.  Please excuse and correct me if I am wrong.   Are there plans for ...
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  • SIM Connector URLs

    Hello,   I have read AWS Discovery, Office 365, Intunes, etc connector user guide and these user guide's are missing important information as a part of their pre-requisite i.e. to which URL's these Snow SIM conn...
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  • he maximum unit count granted by this license has been reached

    Would anyone know what this means inside my error log folder? Have we really hit license capacity via this error log?   2019-03-16T10:08:30-05:00;data-processor;;;;The maximum unit count granted by this licens...
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  • Setup of Adobe Creative Cloud Connector

    Dear Snow Users,   I'm currently struggeling with the setup of the Adobe Cloud Connector. I set up the connector as described in the User Guide. Everything is fine and the "test connection" also was po...
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  • Office 365 connector issue

    Hi all,   We have an issue with the O365 connector within the SIM version 5.13. When we put the loglevel on ALL and perform an aggregate selected of the O365 connector we see errors inside the logging concerning...
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  • Snow Integration Manager - ESX Hosts

    Hi We use SIM v5 and we have setup and configured SIM so it can discover ESX machines in VMware.   The configuration for vSphere is correct, Server Name, Webservice URL, User and Password but it is not discover...
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  • O365 product SKU

    Hi, is anyone facing any issues with the o365 connector not picking up and reporting all subscriptions from the Microsoft portal? 
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  • Adobe cloud connector

    Hi,   What is the status of your adobe cloud connector? If you are indeed planning on developing one as you were implying in below thread: https://community.snowsoftware.com/message/1913-adobe-cloud-connector-i...
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  • WebEx Connector? Anyone using it?

    Is anyone using the WebEx connector? I am trying to configure it using my normal login credentials and those fail. Question is, are special permissions needed to get the connector to work?    Any other docu...
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  • How to Activate  SAM core  pugin and web service multiple plugin

    Hi all, How to Activate  SAM core  plugin and web service multiple plugin in Service-now For software request process, please help me out.
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  • Check Hyper-V Log

    Hello everyone,   I have installed Hyper-V connector on SNOW Inventroy Server version 5. In the Management and Configuration Center, the Hyper-V configuration is not displayed under All Devices. I would now chec...
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  • SaaS: Box Connector

    Hi,    Recently upgraded our SIM tool to set up the Box Connector for one of our customers (Partner Platform).  During the setup, I have forced the aggregation for the connector and it is throwing the ...
    Laim McKenzie
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  • O365 connector not writing to SLM

    Hello all, I have just followed the user guide to configure the O365 connector and I get the following in the log file..    2018-08-09 13:08:59,696 [1] INFO SnowSoftware.ExternalDataProvider.Properties.Pro...
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  • Office365 connector issue

    Hello!   Have a problem with SIM connector - O365. We are using 5.5 SIM version. Connector is configured regarding Snow documentation. From SLM side (8.2 version) I'm able to see information about subscriptions ...
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  • Connection Failed: The Service Cannot be found for the endpoint reference (EPR)

    I'm getting this error from SNOW when testing connection to my BMC Atrium Web Services in SaaS environment
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  • Adobe Creative Cloud Connector

    Hello, After upgrading Snow Integration Manager to 5.15 I can see that finally Adobe Creative Cloud connector is available. Release notes confirm that it should work. But the question is - How to set this up? No use...
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