• SIM version update question

    What is the mechanism or method that clients that are reporting via the SNOW Integration Manager connectors get the updated SIM version? I am using VMWare, XenServer, and SCCM to name a few and not all clients are rep...
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  • Error running CMDB Integration to ServiceNow

    Hi,   We have been running the integration to ServiceNow successfully in our test instance for a couple of months. I have now moved it to production and I am getting an unknown exception error on the CMDB integr...
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  • Office 365 License Threshold Report

    New SNOW user here so be gentle. I looked through the search function but did not find an answer.   Have SNOW deployed, have a Office 365 connector and see all of the populated users.   Looking to create a...
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  • Connection Failed: The Service Cannot be found for the endpoint reference (EPR)

    I'm getting this error from SNOW when testing connection to my BMC Atrium Web Services in SaaS environment
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  • SNOW - ServiceNow connector roadmap?

    Is there a roadmap on which versions of SNOW (SLM/SI/SIC) are compatible with versions of ServiceNow - Kingston, London and Madrid?    We are on Kingston, looking to go to London or maybe jump right to Madr...
    created by Mark.Walther
  • SCCM data not publishing in SNOW DB

    Hi All,   We are using SCCM connector for SNOW in our environment and we recently encountered an issue where the machines are getting inventoried in SCCM which is also evident from the logs but the data is someh...
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  • Adobe cloud connector

    Hi,   What is the status of your adobe cloud connector? If you are indeed planning on developing one as you were implying in below thread: https://community.snowsoftware.com/message/1913-adobe-cloud-connector-i...
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  • ServiceNow CMDB / SNOW connector

    Hi   We have a installed "Product and Service Catalog Update" and "CMDB Integration" application in our ServiceNow Instance, SNOW Connector enabled for the integration between ServiceNow and SNOW.  It is wor...
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  • Adobe Cloud Connector in our future?

    Are there plans to have a connector or way to manage Adobe Cloud Portal subscriptions in SNOW?
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  • Airwatch Connector - Has anyone found their first name and last names are encrypted from the Airwatch end?

    We’ve successfully made the connection on the Snow end but because our Airwatch data is encrypted for GDPR purposes, Snow is unable to decipher it and cannot create the Mobile Devices. Has anyone faced the same ...
    created by Cy
  • No information available for all the Datacenter reports

    My issue is regarding the Datacenter reports.   Using the Snow Integration Manager VMware Connector I have connected a remote SNOW Server with the vSphere, now the ESX Servers are shown in "Computer List", and c...
    created by gtimpone
  • Azure connector - Object reference not set

    Hi All,   I am getting at a customer the error Object reference not set ... We have the latest SIM (5.11) and tried several powershell connectors.   Log file from the Inventory server:   2018-11-06T...
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  • O365 connector not writing to SLM

    Hello all, I have just followed the user guide to configure the O365 connector and I get the following in the log file..    2018-08-09 13:08:59,696 [1] INFO SnowSoftware.ExternalDataProvider.Properties.Pro...
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  • Datacenter Report Per Vcenter

    Hi Folks, My client is using 3 different Vcenters . I want to see which Vcenter handles which datacenter How Can I pull this Information? Your help would be appreciated     Many Thanks in A...
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  • Snow Inventory and Microsoft System Center Service Manager?

    Has anyone done any integration between Snow Inventory and Microsoft System Center Service Manager?
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  • Snow - Service Now connector

    Hi   we recently Integrated SNOW into Service Now . We are finding that the data in Service Now is duplicating the assets. We are working with a Service Now gold partner but we are in a debate where Service Now...
    created by JennyRostenne
  • How to configure BMC Remedyforce connector?

    Hi I´m want to configure the connector por BMC RemedyForce but I cant find any document about it, some one have some information about it?   greetings bmcremedyforce api connector
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  • Is it possible to access the blacklist/whitelist flag?

    Hi,   Is it possible to extract the blacklist/whitelist flag in the Snow for ServiceNow Integration?   Thanks,   Lynn
    created by LynnR
  • Download SIM 5.13

    Hi,   I'm trying to download the latest version of SIM (5.13) from this link:   ftp://ftp.snowsoftware.com/SetupPackages/CurrentProductVersions/SIM/    However, the zip file does not seem to dow...
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  • ServiceNow Catalog Integration - How do I disable an import?

    How do I disable one of the Catalog imports but still allow the others to run?   We do not want to import the hardware models from Snow so I have made the transform map for hardware models inactive. The Com...
    created by LynnR