• Snow Inventory and Microsoft System Center Service Manager?

    Has anyone done any integration between Snow Inventory and Microsoft System Center Service Manager?
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  • Snow - Service Now connector

    Hi   we recently Integrated SNOW into Service Now . We are finding that the data in Service Now is duplicating the assets. We are working with a Service Now gold partner but we are in a debate where Service Now...
    created by JennyRostenne
  • How to configure BMC Remedyforce connector?

    Hi I´m want to configure the connector por BMC RemedyForce but I cant find any document about it, some one have some information about it?   greetings bmcremedyforce api connector
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  • Is it possible to access the blacklist/whitelist flag?

    Hi,   Is it possible to extract the blacklist/whitelist flag in the Snow for ServiceNow Integration?   Thanks,   Lynn
    created by LynnR
  • Download SIM 5.13

    Hi,   I'm trying to download the latest version of SIM (5.13) from this link:   ftp://ftp.snowsoftware.com/SetupPackages/CurrentProductVersions/SIM/    However, the zip file does not seem to dow...
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  • ServiceNow Catalog Integration - How do I disable an import?

    How do I disable one of the Catalog imports but still allow the others to run?   We do not want to import the hardware models from Snow so I have made the transform map for hardware models inactive. The Com...
    created by LynnR
  • Where to find product update downloads?

    Does anyone know where individual SNOW components (such as the Integration Manager or Inventory Server) can be downloaded for updates? There does not seem to be a logical place on the main website to obtain downloads...
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  • MobileIron Connector Actions

    Hi there,   Would like to clarify if the mobileIron connector perfroms any action with the API access besides the scanning/reading of of devices & data. Asking because it appears that on our current version ...
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  • Q: Hypervisor inventory best practice

    Dear Snow community, do you have any recommendations on how to name and organize inventory for hypervisors? Looking at the datacenter and cluster names, they can be confusing or might not even make any sense. What w...
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  • O365 Metering - Does it account for MSFT Project desktop client usage?

    Hi All,   We recently implemented the O365 connector in our environment, and after reviewing the data collected I noticed an unusually high number of our users who fall into the "No Activity" data set for Micros...
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  • Data Flow of Snow Integration Connectors

    Hi All,   We would like to understand the flow of data used by Snow Integration Connectors.   >> Example : MS O365 In this case is the flow of data is :    MS O365 <----> SIM <---...
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  • ServiceNow integration plug-ins

    What is the proper process to get the  Product and Service Catalog Update and the CMDB Integration plug-ins for ServiceNow?    I see the process in the SSN32_UserGuide_InstallConfig.pdf. But we have no...
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  • Office365 - unhandled exception

    Hi,   Our customer has a problem with Office365 service - it stops every time. There is a handled error  in the Office365Service log: ... 2018-05-29 09:13:22,474 [3] INFO SnowSoftware.LicenseManager.Offi...
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  • Last Activated Date from Office 365 portal

    Hi guys, does the Office 365 connector also downloads the "Last Activated Date" from the Office 365 portal? I was not able to find this information in SLM and also not in the database. As we do not have softwa...
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  • Uninstalled applications not updated in ServiceNow

    Hi ServiceNow users,   We have implemented Snow's ServiceNow connector and started uploading data of some less companies from Snow to ServiceNow since some weeks. During that time we noticed that uninstall...
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  • Where can I find the most up-to-date versions of user guides for Snow Integration Connectors? 

    I have some older saved versions, but I can never seem to find where official documentation is stored/posted.  Thanks!
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  • Troubleshooting Guide for O365 connector

    Hi,   It seems in this Snow Integration Connectors discussion forum difficulties with O365 connector is trending issue, so here's my question since we have also "challenges" to get O365 connector working.  ...
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  • O365 connector and Money

    Hi all,   So this latest issue I´m struggling with. We got now O365 connector up and running (yay!) and we see active subscriptions from the portal. One of the key features is of course the cost which sh...
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  • When will ServiceNow 'London' be supported by snow for ServiceNow Connector?

    Does anyone know when the newest ServiceNow 'London' release will be supported by the snow for ServiceNow connector? The current version of the connector only supports Kingston/Jakarta.
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  • Cannot view the SIM documentation

    I am trying to view the latest version of the SIM User Guide but when I try to open it I just get a blank knowledge article page. I am trying to access it via the link in this article Official Release of Snow Int...
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