• WebEx Connector? Anyone using it?

    Is anyone using the WebEx connector? I am trying to configure it using my normal login credentials and those fail. Question is, are special permissions needed to get the connector to work?    Any other docu...
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  • How to Activate  SAM core  pugin and web service multiple plugin

    Hi all, How to Activate  SAM core  plugin and web service multiple plugin in Service-now For software request process, please help me out.
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  • Check Hyper-V Log

    Hello everyone,   I have installed Hyper-V connector on SNOW Inventroy Server version 5. In the Management and Configuration Center, the Hyper-V configuration is not displayed under All Devices. I would now chec...
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  • SaaS: Box Connector

    Hi,    Recently upgraded our SIM tool to set up the Box Connector for one of our customers (Partner Platform).  During the setup, I have forced the aggregation for the connector and it is throwing the ...
    Laim McKenzie
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  • Office365 connector issue

    Hello!   Have a problem with SIM connector - O365. We are using 5.5 SIM version. Connector is configured regarding Snow documentation. From SLM side (8.2 version) I'm able to see information about subscriptions ...
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  • Connection Failed: The Service Cannot be found for the endpoint reference (EPR)

    I'm getting this error from SNOW when testing connection to my BMC Atrium Web Services in SaaS environment
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  • Adobe Creative Cloud Connector

    Hello, After upgrading Snow Integration Manager to 5.15 I can see that finally Adobe Creative Cloud connector is available. Release notes confirm that it should work. But the question is - How to set this up? No use...
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  • O365 AzureAD issue connector Issue

    while running the   Find-Module | Install-Module  i am getting the error like    Could you please Help me out
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  • Why does the O365 connector need a user with administrative privileges in Office 365?

    Hi all,   Today I tried to configure the MS O365 connector in SIM 5.3 and for this I downloaded the sim53_userguide.pdf.   This shows:   3.3.18 MICROSOFT OFFICE 365   The MS Office 365 connector us...
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  • Visual Studio MSDN subscription Connector?

    Is there a connector on the SNOW roadmap to gather Visual Studio subscriptions? Or is this available through some Azure company tenant portal connector.    We have over 500 Visual Studio 2/MSDN subscription...
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  • Choose inventory source for specific computer

    Hello,   In our estate we use different inventory sources (bigfix, ivanti...) rather than snow agents. In same cases one computer can be inventoried by more than one source.   We would like that for s...
    created by Morgado
  • Integration Manager and VM Placeholders

    Hi, hopefully someone on here can provide a bit of guidance on something.   We have Snow Integration manager 5.13.0 and have configured to collect data from two VM Virtual Centers. Our Live site has all VMs runn...
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  • SCCM data not publishing in SNOW DB

    Hi All,   We are using SCCM connector for SNOW in our environment and we recently encountered an issue where the machines are getting inventoried in SCCM which is also evident from the logs but the data is someh...
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  • O365 Connector not Showing Visio and Project Usage

    Hello.   We have a customer who has the O365 Connector set up.    Activity is displayed for all of the suites; E1, E3 etc however, Visio Online P1 and P2, Project Online and Power BI show no activity ...
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  • No information available for all the Datacenter reports

    My issue is regarding the Datacenter reports.   Using the Snow Integration Manager VMware Connector I have connected a remote SNOW Server with the vSphere, now the ESX Servers are shown in "Computer List", and c...
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  • SIM version update question

    What is the mechanism or method that clients that are reporting via the SNOW Integration Manager connectors get the updated SIM version? I am using VMWare, XenServer, and SCCM to name a few and not all clients are rep...
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  • Error running CMDB Integration to ServiceNow

    Hi,   We have been running the integration to ServiceNow successfully in our test instance for a couple of months. I have now moved it to production and I am getting an unknown exception error on the CMDB integr...
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  • Office 365 License Threshold Report

    New SNOW user here so be gentle. I looked through the search function but did not find an answer.   Have SNOW deployed, have a Office 365 connector and see all of the populated users.   Looking to create a...
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  • SNOW - ServiceNow connector roadmap?

    Is there a roadmap on which versions of SNOW (SLM/SI/SIC) are compatible with versions of ServiceNow - Kingston, London and Madrid?    We are on Kingston, looking to go to London or maybe jump right to Madr...
    created by Mark.Walther
  • ServiceNow CMDB / SNOW connector

    Hi   We have a installed "Product and Service Catalog Update" and "CMDB Integration" application in our ServiceNow Instance, SNOW Connector enabled for the integration between ServiceNow and SNOW.  It is wor...
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