• Last Activated Date from Office 365 portal

    Hi guys, does the Office 365 connector also downloads the "Last Activated Date" from the Office 365 portal? I was not able to find this information in SLM and also not in the database. As we do not have softwa...
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  • Uninstalled applications not updated in ServiceNow

    Hi ServiceNow users,   We have implemented Snow's ServiceNow connector and started uploading data of some less companies from Snow to ServiceNow since some weeks. During that time we noticed that uninstall...
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  • Where can I find the most up-to-date versions of user guides for Snow Integration Connectors? 

    I have some older saved versions, but I can never seem to find where official documentation is stored/posted.  Thanks!
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  • Troubleshooting Guide for O365 connector

    Hi,   It seems in this Snow Integration Connectors discussion forum difficulties with O365 connector is trending issue, so here's my question since we have also "challenges" to get O365 connector working.  ...
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  • O365 connector and Money

    Hi all,   So this latest issue I´m struggling with. We got now O365 connector up and running (yay!) and we see active subscriptions from the portal. One of the key features is of course the cost which sh...
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  • When will ServiceNow 'London' be supported by snow for ServiceNow Connector?

    Does anyone know when the newest ServiceNow 'London' release will be supported by the snow for ServiceNow connector? The current version of the connector only supports Kingston/Jakarta.
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  • Cannot view the SIM documentation

    I am trying to view the latest version of the SIM User Guide but when I try to open it I just get a blank knowledge article page. I am trying to access it via the link in this article Official Release of Snow Int...
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  • AWS Connector, not what?

    I setup an AWS connector per the instructions, it tests successfully. Now what? I thought I'd see something but when I go to Cloud / SaaS Overview I get, Information - No connectors are configured for your system ...
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  • WebEx Connector? Anyone using it?

    Is anyone using the WebEx connector? I am trying to configure it using my normal login credentials and those fail. Question is, are special permissions needed to get the connector to work?    Any other docu...
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  • Servicenow - CMDBTransformUtil

    We just installed the servicenow connector (CMDB Integration).     This scoped app does not use the cmdb api and it's capabilities with identification and reconciliation rules. How can use these out of...
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  • Import all users

    Hello, everybody, I am looking for a way to import all user data (including users not available in SNOW). Is it possible to import them via Web Configurator?
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  • Inventory File Handling

    Hi All,   While configuring the Snow Integration Manager Properties, in the Inventory File Handling tab the url has been mentioned with the proxy details.   In the Test results, it is showing the error mes...
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  • Hyper-V connector - System Center VMM server name

    Hello!   I have a question about cluster name population for Hyper-V connector (VMM server). We have successfully created a connector and see all information in Snow License Manager (automatically created&#...
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  • Cyber-ark & SNOW integration connector available ?

    Hi Team,   I am looking Cyber ark & SNOW integration details, do we have any such integration/plug-in or documentation available around this?    Does SNOW integrate with PAM (Privilege access mana...
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  • SaaS: Box Connector

    Hi,    Recently upgraded our SIM tool to set up the Box Connector for one of our customers (Partner Platform).  During the setup, I have forced the aggregation for the connector and it is throwing the ...
    Laim McKenzie
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  • How to select which Snow data to import into BMCRemedyforce

    We are configuring the BMCRemedyforceConnector but our BMCRemedyforce administrator would like to select which data he wants to import. But in the connector there is nothing to select? It looks like all or nothing? Do...
  • O365 Tenant

    Within our organization we use Snow in EMEA and I am trying to find out information about the O365 connectors. Our O365 tenant is managed globally by the Americas and EMEA don't have an independent tenant. Therefore,...
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  • Salesforce Token

    Hello everyone,    we often have the issue that the Salesforce connection doenot work probably. If we get the URL and refresh the Token, the connection works again.    In which period does the t...
    created by TnJ8cR
  • Service Now connector (Jakarta)

    Hi,   Has anyone been able to get the connector working? We keep getting a connection failed error message. Is there a known issue with the connector? Louise mark.lillywhite Thanh.Nguyen per.skanne3
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  • O365 Integration - Failed to get Customer.

    Afternoon,    Hoping someone may be able to help if possible.   Just trying to setup the O365 connector to pull in MS licensing users etc but getting an issue on the Snow License Manager Configuration...
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