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Hi everybody, all our distributed agents (for servers) are enabled to scan Oracle databases (sios)  - platforms: Windows and Unix (Linux, AIX, Solaris). Prerequisite for the Oracle script is Java - we're currently investigating to move from Oracle Java to openjava  - this should technically be more or less the same, but with less dependencies… (Show more)
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Hi, Do Snow use java at any level? getting these entries in logging regarding survey of java use:  sios.jar -c snowagent.config -data-dir C    
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Hello everyone,   so today a customer asked me whether the communication between the Master Inventory and the Service Gateway is bidircetional or unidirectional. A little background to this question. The customer has a DMZ and wants to use a Service Gateway to gather the respective inventories and push them on the Master Inventory. They asked… (Show more)
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Hi All, Can someone tell me a way to determine if the endpoint inventory file has been sent via the Service Gateway or via the Internet please?   Cheers Shaz
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Boa tarde!   Prezados,   Utilizo na empresa algumas licenças do Oracle Discoverer Desktop Edition. Esta instalação não gera registro na lista de aplicativos instalados, portanto não é trazido pelo ferramenta Snow. Saberiam me dizer se pelo Snow haveria alguma forma de trazer esses dados manualmente? 
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Click to view contentIn the long saga of "Discovered assets that are not inventoried", I am not sure where we stand now. Presently using the latest versions of SI, SIM and SLM, I find in my environment the following situation: I have 2 VMs powered on and pinging: Uxxxxx8 and Uxxxxx5 None is inventoried (no trace of either VM in Inventory SMACC) Both VMs have an… (Show more)
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Hello Snow Team and fellow Snow Members,    Good day!    How to fetch the registry path of all the applications as report such as Executable Path (file) filed in the "Files per computer" as a report.   In the "Files per computer" report, we can get "Executable path (file)" filed which gives the full path of the particular application and "Is… (Show more)
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Based on the ff below. Computer Status Active - Active during a 30 day period Quarantined - Automatically after 30 days of no activity Inactive - Automatically after 60 days in quarantine or manually at any time Deleted (option) No status - Automatically after 60 days in quarantine or manually at any time Archived No Status - Manual only.… (Show more)
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I want to perform an agent update from our new Inventory 6.0.4 SMACC. When I click the drop-down menu for Target Operating System, all I see for Windows is Win32. Does Inventory SMACC support 64-bit agent update? If so, how do I select it?   Thanks.
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Marcel Hirsch
Click to view contentThis blog post describes how to update Snow Inventory Agents. It contains useful information and a clear how-to guide.   Why should I update? Updates contain both security fixes and new functionalities. Please consider, if you would like to update, by reading through the Release Notes. If you would like to update one of your agent, follow the… (Show more)
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