Official release of Snow Inventory Server 5.1.1

Blog Post created by Dennis.Smith Employee on Jan 4, 2017

We are delighted to announce the official release of Snow Inventory Server 5.1.1.

Released December 1
Release information

Product: Snow Inventory Server
New version: 5.1.1
Release date: December 1, 2016
Distribution: MSI setup package
Current status: Released

Enhancements in Snow Inventory Server 5.1.1

- To enhance security, the server name and build number have been removed from the Inventory
server splash screen
- The visibility of long text values has been improved on the device summary page
- A clarification has been added in the agent configuration wizard to show which OS’s are eligible
for software exclude

Corrections in Snow Inventory Server 5.1.1

- The relationship between physical hosts and virtual machines updates correctly following a
new scan
- Terminal Server applications are stored correctly


Snow Inventory 5.1.1 Release notes