Snow Inventory Server 5.1.3 - Official Release - January 26, 2017

Blog Post created by Myrja.Schumacher Employee on Jan 27, 2017

Released January 26

Release information

Product:                       Snow Inventory Server

New version:               5.1.3 

Release date:              January 26, 2017

Distribution:                SUS and MSI setup package

Current status:           Released


Enhancements in Snow Inventory Server 5.1.3

  • Configuration Templates and Powershell Scripts for the Snow Inventory Agent can now be downloaded
  • Platform and NIC have been added as discovery metadata columns. This information can now be displayed by selecting these columns in the View editor
  • The admin console now provides feedback while it is busy
  • When a computer is removed in Snow License Manager it is now removed from Inventory as well
  • Processing of files from the SIM-connectors BigFix and vSphere has been improved

Corrections in Snow Inventory Server 5.1.3

  • Version information is now included in the software row for custom regkeys related to SQL server recognition (PR0001381)
  • No errors when merging data from SIM-connector data sources ILMT and Hyper-V (PR0001380)
  • Misspellings causing errors in metering data have been corrected (PR0001260)