Don't Be Held to Ransom! Discover Ransomware with Snow

Blog Post created by TomB Employee on Jun 28, 2017

Ransomware is in the news again this morning as another attack has hit major organisations around the world. This strain of the virus, being dubbed “NotPetya” by Kaspersky Lab, has even infected the Chernobyl power plant’s cooling system, say the BBC.

mark.lillywhite wrote this document to explain how Snow can help with ransomware following the wannacry outbreak: Wanna cry? You won’t need to with Snow. 

erik.sarnbrink1 one of Snow's product managers has also written a detailed 'how to' guide on our public blog here: Don’t Be Held to Ransom: SNOW RELEASES SCRIPT FOR DISCOVERING Ransomware  | Snow Software 

As always, if you would like Snow's help with discovering if your machines are patched correctly, please contact support: Benefits of Snow Support | Snow Software