Official Release Snow Inventory Server 5.4.0

Blog Post created by Myrja.Schumacher Employee on Apr 5, 2018

This version introduce various improvements and corrections in the Snow Inventory Server.


Release Information

ProductSnow Inventory Server
New version5.4.0
Release DateApril 5, 2018
DistributionSUS and MSI Setup
Current StatusReleased


Features in Snow Inventory Server 5.4.0

Simplified migration from Inventory 3 with new upgrade wizard

A new step-by-step wizard has been included in this version of Inventory Server guiding the user through the migration process from Inventory 3 to Inventory 5. You can access this wizard from the start page of the Server Configuration Manager by clicking “Upgrade from Inventory 3”. The wizard contains both informative steps as well as automated data migration from the Inventory 3 database.

Ability to set up a standalone Inventory Server

A new Service Gateway mode has been added: Standalone receiver. A Service Gateway running in this mode will not require access to a master server. Standalone receivers will be able to receive and store inventory files from agents locally. A Standalone receiver will not be able to send updates or other commands to the agents.
Automatic updates of the Service Gateways will not update standalone receivers as they lack a connection to the  Master Server.


Enhancements in Snow Inventory Server 5.4.0

The following enhancements have been made in Inventory Server 5.4.0:

  • New system settings for Inventory Agents for Windows have been added to the Agent Configuration section for turning specific browser extension installations on or off.

Corrections in Snow Inventory Server 5.4.0

The following corrections have been made in Inventory Server 5.4.0:

  • Agent Update jobs delayed due to multiple Master Server identities has been corrected and made more robust.
  • An issue where we stored the names of Oracle option checks instead of Oracle option names as been corrected to store both (PRB0041283).
  • It’s now possible to use passwords that start with special characters when deploying Agents (PRB0041354).