Official release of Snow Inventory Agent for Unix 6.0.0

Blog Post created by Myrja.Schumacher Employee on Sep 19, 2018

This release introduce features, enhancements and corrections.

Release Information

ProductSnow Inventory Agent for Unix 
New version6.0.0
Release DateSeptember 19, 2018
Current StatusReleased



Support for additional types of inventory information

Inventory Server 6.0.0 has been prepared to support the extraction of additional types of inventory data to be included in a scan. In this release, support has been added for Snow Oracle Middleware Scanner – a component that will be released later this year. Details of the data extracted will be shared in the release notes for Snow Oracle Middleware Scanner.


  • To ease troubleshooting, the agent now logs the full pathnames of the locations it scans.


  • Logging of syslog can now be enabled and disabled using the Syslog setting in the logging section of the agent configuration file.
  • Support for Isof command has been added to resolve paths on PA RISC /HP UX machines when the pfiles are missing from their expected location.
  • When a connection to the Inventory Server fails, the agent now logs an error instead of a warning in the log file.