Official Release Snow Inventory Agent for Windows 6.0.0

Blog Post created by Myrja.Schumacher Employee on Oct 2, 2018

Release Information

ProductSnow Inventory Agent for Windows 
New version6.0.0
Release DateOctober 2, 2018 
Current StatusReleased



Support for additional types of inventory information

Inventory Server 6.0.0 has been prepared to support the extraction of additional types of inventory data to be included in a scan. In this release, support has been added for Snow Oracle Middleware Scanner – a component that will be released later this year. Details of the data extracted will be shared in the release notes for Snow Oracle Middleware Scanner.


  • To ensure that the Windows agent can determine when to trigger a scan, the agent stores the time for next scan on the local machine. If the agent is started and the stored time has passed, a scan is carried out immediately.
  • A newer version of the third-party CPUID component has been included, which has improved CPU detection for:
    o AMD desktop Raven Ridge APU (AM4)
    o Intel Coffee Lake processors and Z370 platform
    o Intel Skylake-X HCC processors
    o Intel Xeon Skylake-SP and Xeon/W Skylake processors
    o Intel Xeon Phi Knight Landing
  • The agent can now be updated to a newer version directly from Inventory Server – even if it is not installed in the default location.
  • Improved memory allocation reduces the memory usage of the agent.
  • The following file attributes are now included in the scan result: product_name, product_version, original_filename and file_description.


  • The setting to enable scanning on all local disks (<LocalDisk>) has been deprecated. We have added a new setting, Software-Include, which will function together with the existing Software-Exclude configuration settings. If Software-Include paths are present in the agent configuration file, the agent will scan the specified paths. If Software-Include paths are not set, the agent will scan all local disks. If Software-Exclude paths are included, these spaces will not be included in the scan.
  • Physical memory slot information is now gathered correctly.
  • The Snow Inventory Oracle Scanner (SIOS) now runs correctly even if the inventory agent is running from a different working directory. The SIOS executable, however, needs to be placed in the same folder as the agent.
  • Lingering application metering data for applications that have been removed no longer causes software rows to be created for the removed application.